Skincare Gift For Your Mother Skincare Gift For Your Mother

Pamper Your Mom With These Skincare Gifts That Will Give Her Skin The TLC It Deserves

We don’t need any special occasion to tell our mothers how much we love them or what they mean to us. But when days like Mother’s Day come around, it does give us an opportunity to make her feel extra special for being the wonder woman that she is. However, when we think about gifts, our minds automatically think of flowers and chocolates. As beautiful as these gifts are, there’s something more that you can do – pamper her the way she does. And we’ll help you do exactly that. Wondering how? By curating a basket full of skincare gifts for mom to give her the gift of beautiful skin. Mothers work round the clock and in the process often end up neglecting their skin health. So, read on to know the ideal skincare gifts for mom that you can give her and watch her glow with excitement and her skin glow with TLC.

Perfect Skincare Gifts For Mom

Check out the list of skincare gifts for mom that you can pamper them with and pave the way for radiant, youthful and glowing skin.

1. Sheet Mask

With the busy schedules that mothers follow, it is not always feasible for them to have an elaborate skincare routine. They need something that is not only quick but also effective. Sheet masks can help you achieve the best of both worlds. Sheet masks are soaked with serum that gently and efficiently target different skin concerns like skin brightening, anti-ageing, and combat dullness. For instance, for glowing skin, you can try the sakura water serum sheet mask, which is infused with Japanese Sakura flower that gives you plump and glowing skin.

2. Eye masks

The area under the eyes is much more sensitive as compared to the rest of the skin. It starts to show signs of ageing quicker and also needs an extra boost of hydration. A great skincare product for mom would be an eye mask that will soothe and nourish the under eyes, hydrate them, and also leave the skin feeling smoother and firmer. You can pick a coconut water eye mask (helps reduce fine lines and re-plump eye contour area) and an orange eye mask (to reduce under eye bags and correct dark circles) as skincare gifts for mom for Mother’s Day or even their birthday.

3. Serum

Serums are one of the most effective skincare products for moms. This staple skincare product comes packed with potent ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and work towards targeting specific skin concerns. For this Mother’s Day, go for a vitamin C face serum. This serum gives your skin a boost of vitamin C that brightens your skin from the first application and reduces dark spots and acne marks as well.

4. Day and night cream

As we age, our skin starts to get drier and needs to be hydrated regularly. We recommend you to pick a dedicated day cream and night cream for your mom as there is a significant difference between day cream and night cream and each product works differently towards specific skin requirement. For your mom, a great skincare tip is to make her invest in a day cream with SPF in it to keep her skin protected from the sun while keeping it moisturised. You can try the Yuzu lemon-infused SPF 40/PA +++ cream that sinks deep into the skin and protects it from external aggressors.

A night cream will work like magic on your mom’s skin. Go for a vitamin C yoghurt night cream that will exfoliate the dead cells and brighten the skin while she gets her beauty sleep. So, take a basket and pack both day and night creams as skincare gifts for mom this Mother’s Day.

5. Anti-ageing cream

With age, anti-ageing treatments become important to maintain the health of your mother’s skin and yours too. By starting anti-ageing products at the right age, your mom can delay the signs of ageing like wrinkles, the appearance of dark spots, etc. So, add an anti-ageing cream and reset the ritual of skincare for your mom. You can try an anti-ageing cream infused with pro-retinol (derived from nature) as it can help increase cellular turnover and visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines to reveal firmer-looking skin.

Now that you know what to pack as skincare gifts for mom, go ahead and pamper your mother and her skin with some much-needed TLC. This wholesome hamper has it all, from masks, serum to anti-ageing creams. It is sure to make your mom happy and also give her smooth, glowing and beautiful skin. Also, keep browsing through the Garnier skincare products and get access to a wide range of skincare essentials for your mom and yourself.