5 Early signs of ageing 5 Early signs of ageing

5 Early Signs Of Ageing And How To Prevent Them

If you are in your early 30s and notice age spots, dryness, dullness, and hyperpigmentation around the skin and chest area, it means your skin is ageing faster than it should be. Environmental factors and lifestyle habits can trigger these early signs of ageing. You can prevent premature skin ageing, but in order to do that, you need to first understand those signs in details. Wondering what they are? We have listed the most common early signs of ageing so that you can quickly identify the tell-tale signs and effectively prevent them.

5 Early signs of ageing

Check out the following list of early signs of ageing and take action whenever you start noticing them:

1. Sun spots

Sun spots also known as age spots, one of the premature signs of ageing, refer to flat spots on the skin that appear as a result of years of sun exposure. You can notice sun spots on your face, forearms, and the back of your hands. Usually, sunspots develop around your 40s. However, some people or skin types can notice sunspots in their early stages of life.

2. Wrinkles

In your early 30s, your skin slows down the collagen (responsible for maintaining skin elasticity) production process. Insufficient collagen in the skin can affect areas where muscle movement occurs frequently like the forehead or sun-exposed area. As a result, you develop wrinkles- one of the first signs of ageing face.

3. Hyperpigmentation around chest

Hyperpigmentation or inflammation around the chest is another premature ageing symptom that can occur due to damage to cell damage from sun exposure. You can notice skin discoloration around the chest at any age.

4. Dry skin

As your skin ages, it experiences less barrier function and accelerated transepidermal water loss that can lead to dry skin. People in the age group of 40 usually notices frequent dry skin which is prone to flaking.

5. Gaut hands

Gaut hands too are one of the early signs of ageing that becomes evident when you reach your late 30s or early 40s. Over the years, the outer layer of the skin becomes thin due to less collagen production. This contributes to developing thin, more veiny wrinkled hands.

Now that you know the early signs of ageing, let’s learn the ways or tips to prevent them from occurring.

How to prevent early signs of ageing

Ward off the early signs of ageing by following the ways mentioned below:

• Wear sunscreen

To prevent early signs of ageing, try to apply sunscreen whenever you step step outside. Currently, there is various sun control moisturiser available in the market that gives both the moisturizing and sun protection benefit.   

• Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking fuels the ageing process by causing wrinkles, dull skin while alcohol consumption dehydrates and damages the skin. Hence, you must stop doing it or reduce it to avoid premature signs of aging.

• Follow a through skincare routine

Following a thorough skincare routine and knowing the right age to start anti-ageing skincare products (like anti-ageing cream) can help to delay the skin ageing process. Start your routine by cleansing your face with gentle soothing facewash twice a day, applying moisturizing face cream, and end it by applying vitamin C night cream. Also, make sure you remove makeup before going to bed. You can micellar cleansing water to remove makeup and then use face wash if you are a true believer of double cleansing process.

• Get enough sleep

Your skin heals and repairs itself while you catch up on your beauty sleep. Hence, it is essential to give your skin the necessary time to repair damage from UV exposure, rebuild collagen, reduce wrinkles and age spots.

• Exercise daily

Exercising daily can help boost blood circulation and the skin cell’s mitochondria process to maintain healthy skin and slow skin ageing.

Flaunt youthful radiance and prevent early signs of ageing by following these anti-ageing tips. To get further assistance on anti-ageing skincare, browse through the Garnier skincare products.