How To Choose The Right Moisturiser For Your Skin How To Choose The Right Moisturiser For Your Skin

How To Choose The Right Moisturiser For Your Skin

You will never find a “one size fits all” skincare product. Every skin type has different needs and concerns, which require a particular type of product. Even if the basic steps – i.e. cleansing, toning, moisturing and applying sunscreen - remain the same in almost every good skincare routine, it’s the product and the way you use that makes all the difference. Especially, a moisturiser. Choosing the right moisturiser can totally change your skincare game for good.

Moisturisers do so much more than just hydrate your skin. They protect your skin from external dust and dirt, and prevent pollution from penetrating into it. They make your skin appear plump and youthful. Hence, always pick a moisturiser with a formulation and ingredients that suit your skin, and can amplify the benefits of a moisturiser. Now the question is – how do you decide which one is good? Well, we are here with a detailed guide on how you can pick the perfect moisturiser for your skin type.

1. Moisturiser for dry skin

If you have skin that feels tight and flaky, you have dry skin. So, using a rich moisturiser for dry skin is an essential step, as it will help hydrate and nourish your skin deeply. While picking a moisturiser for dry skin, it is important to choose one that has a thicker texture. Your dry skin needs that extra hydration and using a moisturiser with an emollient formula will help your skin drastically. The Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream UV is one of the best moisturisers for dry skin. It is nourished with yuzu lemon extract that goes deep into the skin. The texture of this cream is rich, which makes it a perfect moisturiser for dry skin. Along with hydrating your skin, it evens and brightens your skin tone by reducing dark spots, pimple spots, and reversing sun damage.

2. Moisturiser for oily skin

One of the most common skincare myths is that people with oily skin don’t need a moisturiser. If you too believed in this myth, it’s time to change your mind. Using a moisturiser on oily skin helps balance sebum production and prevents your skin from producing oil excessively. However, a moisturiser for dry skin may not be the right pick if you have oily skin. For your oily skincare routine, opt for a moisturiser that has a lightweight and gel-like texture. This will hydrate your skin without clogging your pores. Oil free moisturisers are also perfect for people with combination skin. The lightweight texture of these moisturisers hydrate your dry patches without making your skin feel too greasy.

While choosing a moisturiser for oily skin, pick one that has SPF in it. This will help you get the power of two products in one, and ensure you don’t look oily or greasy through the day. The Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream with SPF 40/PA +++ is one of the best moisturisers for oily skin. It has a unique, lightweight serum-in-cream formula that quickly absorbs into the skin. This moisturiser penetrates deep to hydrate and protect your skin from the sun and external aggressors.

3. Moisturiser for sensitive skin

If you have skin that gets irritated easily, you have sensitive skin. And we understand the struggle of finding the perfect moisturiser for sensitive skin. However, we are here to make it simpler for you. Choosing a lightweight formula with soothing ingredients is key while picking moisturiser for sensitive skin. This ensures your skin doesn’t feel irritated or troubled. The Garnier Daily Care Moisturising Cream is one of the best moisturisers for sensitive skin. It is super gentle on the skin and is enhanced with grapefruit water and Vitamin E. These ingredients are known for their protective and antioxidant properties. This moisturiser helps you moisturise sensitive skin, without causing any irritation.

So, the next time you are planning to buy a moisturiser, don’t just pick a random one. Pick one that is tailored for your skin type and witness the difference it makes on your skin.