Here’s How You Can Make a Change This World Environment Day! Here’s How You Can Make a Change This World Environment Day!

Here’s How You Can Make a Change This World Environment Day!

World Environment Day is celebrated for encouraging awareness for the protection of the environment and emphasises on issues such as global warming, marine pollution, human overpopulation, wildlife crime and more. Did you know that you can make a change this World Environment Day? Wondering how? By using sustainable, eco-friendly, skincare and haircare products. Not sure of what sustainable products are? Don’t worry as we’re here to help. Read ahead to know about how you can maximise your contributions with minimal effort this World Environment Day.

What are sustainable products? 

“Environmental consciousness” sums up the concept of sustainable products. The meaning of using sustainable products is to choose products that meet your beauty needs without having a negative impact on the environment or people. It’s about being interested in the product as well as the process of making it, that is being aware of where the brands source their ingredients from and the packaging that they use. This is because people are now understanding the impact of eco-friendly products in their life. The benefits of green beauty products extend beyond trends and the eco-friendly market is growing rapidly and consistently today.

Why should you use sustainable products? 

It matters as using harsh chemicals takes a huge toll on the environment. It’s not only the animals that benefit but using plant-based ingredients is better for humans, too. Sulphates, parabens, and other chemicals in beauty products deplete natural resources and generate more greenhouse gases than any other sector. 

How to make your beauty routine sustainable? 

Living sustainably isn’t as hard as it seems, all you need to do is be a little conscious and aware of what you use. Here are super simple ways to make a huge difference –

• Opt for sustainable packaging

Go for products that are made from reusable, recyclable, or refillable packaging instead of plastic that can damage marine life to a large extent. No doubt that plastic can be recycled, but the amount of solid waste it generates is becoming a huge problem.

• Choose cruelty-free ingredients

See to it that the products you use do not cause any harm to animals and the natural habitat. Seek vegan products having natural ingredients instead.

• Switch to non-toxic materials

Yes, silicone is better compared to plastic but isn’t the most environmentally friendly material. The production of silicone happens through hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, which is not sustainable. When it comes to parabens, releasing them into environmental compartments may lead to severe environmental pollution, which will again directly or indirectly affect the environment. Hence, it is best to stick to natural products made from silicone-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free materials.

Garnier’s green beauty commitment

Now that you know how sustainable products can make a difference in your life, let us tell you about how Garnier can help the environment and bring a change to your life.

  • Garnier provides more solidarity sourcing, and the sourcing program gives people access to work and income. It implements fair trade practices and empowers farmers and workers
  • Garnier is committed to greener and cleaner formulas as the goal is to preserve biodiversity, promote economic empowerment and more
  • Garnier has saved 3670 tons of plastic and by 2025, all products will be made from 100% recyclable, refillable or reusable materials
  • Garnier’s distribution and plant centres have decreased water consumption over the last 15 years. In the coming years, all of Garnier’s industrial sites will be carbon neutral
  • Since 2021, all Garnier products are officially approved by Cruelty-Free International to end animal testing

So, explore a wide range of Garnier skincare and haircare products to pamper yourself with the best and create a better world effortlessly!