Face Mask vs Sheet Mask Face Mask vs Sheet Mask

Face Mask vs Sheet Mask

A weekly masking routine is a fun and rewarding way to care for your skin. They’re easy to use and there are so many options and types to choose from – face pack, ubtan, wash-off mask and a sheet mask . Sometimes, the terms ‘face mask’ and ‘sheet mask’ are used interchangeably and people think that the two are same. Well, it’s not true. There may be a few similarities between the two as both help to hydrate and cleanse the skin, but there are several factors that differentiate the two. So, which one should you go for? Choosing the right one that caters to all your needs can get tricky sometimes, but we’ve got your covered, plumster! We’re here to give you an insight into two of the most popular masks.

What is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask is a thin, pre-cut mask that is soaked in serum and natural ingredients. These are typically made using paper, fibre or thin films that hydrate the skin. They evenly cover your entire face and are designed to fit neatly, thanks to the eye, nose and lip cutouts. All you need to do is remove the mask from the packaging and gently press it on your face. The Garnier sheet mask is a cherry on top of any skincare routine as it opens up your pores and hydrates the skin in a few minutes only. These nutrient-packed Garnier serum sheet masks leave your skin feeling fresh!

What is a face mask?

A face mask provides a relaxing, spa-like experience to your skin at home. There are several types of face masks to pick from as they come in varieties such as cream, gel, clay and more. A face mask is typically applied as a thicker coat of the product to the skin directly. They require an even application to your skin with your hands.

Sheet Mask Vs Face Mask

There are many differences between sheet masks and face masks, and it is important to consider those differences before you pick one of them.

• Packaging

Face masks are packed in a pot or tube and are usually reusable, compared to a sheet mask which comes packed for single use. This means that face masks are more economical. However, sheet masks are more hygienic in comparison to a face mask. If you don’t store the face mask properly, or leave it unattended and use it later, it can transfer germs and infections to your skin.

• Ingredients

A face mask generally contains clay or other ingredients that can harden and become dry without being harsh on your skin’s surface. For sheet masks, the main ingredient is the enriched serum, which is soaked into the sheet. The Garnier face masks contain large quantities of serums that are ideal for almost all skin types and provides your skin with a boost of hydration.

• Application

Face masks require you to apply it all over the face with your fingers. The removal of the same can become a bit messy when you try to remove the dried mask using lukewarm water, flannel or a microfibre cloth. On the other hand, sheet masks require you to apply it on your face, wait for a few minutes, and gently remove it off. They are easy to use and mess-free.

• Time

Face masks generally have a longer waiting time. Besides, the application of a wash-off mask is slightly exhausting as it includes an additional step of washing off the product. So, if you’re running short of time, you can go for sheet masks that will hydrate your skin in a much lesser time. And who said that sheet masks are only for women? Guys can also pamper themselves and take care of their skin with the Garnier face mask for men, which will provide you with intense hydration in just 15 minutes.

Now that you know the difference between face masks and sheet masks, check out our wide variety of sheet masks that you can pick depending on your skin type and concerns – from Garnier vitamin C face mask, anti-ageing face mask, black rice face mask to Garnier charcoal face mask, to hyaluronic face mask, green tea face mask and more, you name it and we’ll probably have it. Browse through Garnier’s skincare range to treat your skin with excessive and intensive care.