Face Mask Sheets: The Secret To Youthful Dewy Skin Face Mask Sheets: The Secret To Youthful Dewy Skin

Face Mask Sheets: The Secret To Youthful Dewy Skin

Sheet masks – this humble skincare product that originated from Korea quickly took the world by storm. Face mask sheets are a quick and easy yet highly effective way to douse your skin with the goodness of a serum. Not just that, they are also a fun way to unwind and relax at the end of a long day. As the popularity of face mask sheets grew, companies came up with different types of sheet masks to address different skin concerns. Masks for oily skin, dry skin, mature skin, you name it, and there’s a face mask sheet out there for every skin type and issue.

Face mask sheets, as the name suggests, are face masks that are in a sheet format, made out of different materials like cotton, gel, fibres, etc. These sheet masks are soaked in serum and have a high concentration of active ingredients. One of the most common uses of sheet masks is to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Typically favoured by those with dry and dull skin, face mask sheets intensely hydrate the skin to give you youthful and dewy looking skin. Now that summer is finally here, the sun damages and dehydrates the skin, making it look tired and parched. Using a serum sheet mask will restore your skin’s moisture and glow. But that does not mean people with oily skin should not use face mask sheets. Those with oily skin can use a purifying sheet mask to detoxify their pores and then use a hydrating face mask sheet to reveal clean and radiant skin.

If the harsh summer sun has left your skin looking sallow and lacklustre, treat yourself to a brightening and refreshing sheet mask. We recommend starting your week with the Garnier Fresh Mix Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask to illuminate and revitalize the skin. The face mask sheet is enriched with Vitamin C that delivers intensive care and deeply nourishes tired skin. As the week comes to an end, revive tired-looking skin with the Garnier Sakura Glow Serum Sheet Mask. Infused with Japanese Sakura Extracts, the Sakura Glow Serum Sheet Mask perks up dull and lifeless-looking skin by replenishing and brightening your skin. The face mask sheet gives your skin a natural, pinkish glow from within.

You can use sheet masks as often as you like, even every day if you’re feeling extra fancy and want to pamper your skin. But if that’s not ideal for you, we suggest using face mask sheets two to three times a week and letting your skin enjoy the benefits from different sheet masks. For all our male readers out there who have not yet tried sheet masks, sheet masks for women and men are not inherently very different, though you might find some that are specifically catered to male skin types. So even if you can’t find one that is marketed for men, just grab any Garnier Serum Sheet Mask and enjoy!

Did you know sheet masks can also help tighten your pores or help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? To know more about the different types of face mask sheets out there, read The Ultimate Sheet Mask guide.