Detan Routine: How To De Tan Face Detan Routine: How To De Tan Face

Detan Routine: How To De Tan Face?

Say No To Tanned Skin With This Summer De-tan Routine.

When that exciting and thrilling summer beach trip is over, we don’t just come back with happy memories and cool pictures for the ‘gram. We also bring with us sand-soaked hair and tanned skin. Even if you didn’t go on a trip, you can still experience tanning by staying outdoors and exposing your skin to the harmful rays of the sun. To get rid of this tanning you will need a little more than simply washing your face. You will need to learn ‘how to de-tan the skin’ using the right technique or routine. Tanning occurs when your skin gets exposed to the harmful sun rays for prolonged hours and starts producing more melanin (a group of pigments responsible for giving colour to the skin and hair) as a defence mechanism. This leads to darker skin and uneven skin tone, disrupts the normal skin cell functions and paves the way for several skin disorders. Now that we’ve discussed the problem, let’s also share the solution with you i.e. how to de-tan the face. Check out this simple yet effective de-tan routine for summer that will help you get rid of tanning.

Step-by-step de-tan routine

Follow the step-by-step guide on a de-tan routine and say goodbye to unwanted tanned skin:

Step 1: Wash your face with a powerful cleanser

How to de-tan the face, you ask? Start your summer de-tan routine with a duo-action facewash and use it twice a day, especially those with an active lifestyle who often stay outdoors for a long time under the sun during summer. Their skin is more prone to dirt, dust build-up and trigger further tanning. Go for a lemon and clay-infused facewash that will help reduce dullness, dark spots and purify your skin from within.

Step 2: Slough off dead skin with face scrub

One of the best and fastest ways to remove tanned skin is to use a dedicated face scrub for tan removal. So, your second step of the summer det-tan routine (weekly) would be exfoliation. This helps eliminate dead cells from the face, lighten skin tone, unclog pores, and pave the way for smooth and fresh skin. We’d recommend using a face scrub twice or thrice a week during summer. 

Step 3: Tighten your pores with a toner

Post cleansing your face, the next step in the routine is to apply a toner. Deep cleansing opens up the pores, hence it is imperative to tighten pores to keep them healthy. And, a toner does that job wonderfully. Also, it helps to deeply cleanse the skin, banish impurities and skin cells from open pores, and maintain a healthy pH level. So, as a general rule of thumb, always apply toner posting cleansing and exfoliating your skin. 

Step 4: Apply sheet mask

Sheet masks are another great way to decode the query - how to de-tan face? For this step, you can add a charcoal sheet mask to your de-tan skincare vanity. Charcoal is one of the most effective skincare ingredients that actually work and help to tackle tanning during summer. The cleansing properties present in charcoal help remove dead cells and deliver an even complexion. Also, charcoal immensely benefits dull skin and detoxifies the skin to rejuvenate it.  Sheet masks are the ultimate secret to youthful, dewy skin and you must reap the benefits of this staple skincare product.  

Step 5: Hydrate your skin with a moisturiser

Conclude your summer de-tan routine with a hydrating moisturiser. For your morning routine, you can use an SPF moisturiser that combines the goodness of moisturisation and sun protection in a single product. And for night-time, you can use a vitamin C night cream that extends exfoliating and nourishing benefits while you get your beauty sleep.

Voila! Your summer de-tan routine is now ready for you to explore. So, stop stressing about how to de-tan face and follow this simple skincare ritual religiously. To get further assistance on de-tan and skin tone correcting products, browse through the wide range of Garnier skincare products.