A skin pamper session that is perfect for your mother A skin pamper session that is perfect for your mother

A skin pamper session that is perfect for your mother!

Being a mom is a full-time job! We’re sure you’ve seen your mother juggle several responsibilities and be on the go constantly. Because of this chaos, they often tend to ignore taking care of their skin. Skin is the largest organ of your body, and it surely needs some TLC. This Mother’s Day, surprise your mother with the perfect pamper session. As a Mother’s Day gift, you can give her a relaxing skincare session at home. What’s more, you can also pack the products you will use for the session as a Mother’s Day skincare gift set. So, gear up to spend some quality time with her as we bring to you some unique skincare related gift ideas for your mom.

1. Cleanse

Every good routine starts with deeply cleansing the skin. To start the skincare session for your mom, gently cleanse her skin. It will help get rid of all the dirt and dust on the skin. A good cleanser also helps soothe the skin and clean the pores from deep within. Cleansing the skin as the first step of your pamper routine will also help other products penetrate better into your skin.

2. Steam

Steaming is the second step of the pamper session that will further cleanse her skin. Using steam will help decongest her skin, open up pores and unclog them. Furthermore, steaming also improves blood circulation and boosts elasticity in the skin. This will help make your mom’s skin appear tighter and youthful. This is a great Mother’s Day gift idea for your mom as it will freshen her up along with opening her skin pores up for the next few steps.

3. Sheet mask

Any pamper routine is incomplete without using a nourishing sheet mask! Add a sheet mask to the Mother’s Day skincare gift set as it is a great skincare product that delivers serum to your skin. Simply place a sheet mask on your mom’s face and let it relax for 15 minutes. You can also roll a jade roller on top of the sheet mask. This helps boost circulation and massage the skin.

While choosing sheet masks, look for anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients. Ingredients like grapeseed, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, black rice, pomegranate, etc., work like a miracle on mature skin. They boost the hydration of your skin and give you a youthful glow! You can also create a Mother’s Day skincare gift set and add multiple sheet masks for her to use later.

4. Eye mask

If your mother has undereye bags, this is an essential step to her pamper routine. The skin around the eyes is quite thin, and using a hydrating eye mask or an undereye patch can provide it an extra dose of hydration. An eye mask ensures you have younger and tighter skin under the eyes. Eye masks with coconut and hyaluronic acid serum plumps eye contours and leaves the skin around the delicate eye area feeling smoother and firmer. Make sure you add a few extra eye patches to your Mother’s Day gift hamper.

5. Face cream

As a concluding step, it is important to seal all the moisture in with a moisturising cream. A face cream will nourish her skin and give her a facial-like glow! If it is daytime, you can use a lightweight day cream enriched with SPF. This will protect her skin from the harsh UV rays. For the night-time, you can apply a hydrating night cream on her skin. This will help repair and rejuvenate her skin while she gets her beauty sleep.

It is important that you make sure your mom takes care of her skin all through the year, and not just on Mother’s Day. Additionally, you can pamper her with a specially curated Mother’s Day skincare gift set with Garnier skin care products. You can incorporate serums, sheet masks, eye patches, creams and more! These products will surely benefit her skin and give her a radiant glow.