A Guide on Summer Travel Essentials A Guide on Summer Travel Essentials

A Guide on Summer Travel Essentials

A Complete Guide On Summer Vacation Essentials For Skin.

With summer being at its peak, planning a summer vacation to an exotic destination will be on most of our minds. If you’ve planned a trip already, great! For the rest of you, now is the time to plan one. Whether you’re going to the hills or beaches, the first and toughest thing to do is pack your essentials. And we’re not talking about your outfits or shoes. We’re talking about packing summer vacation essentials for your skin. When you are travelling, your skin gets exposed to heat, humidity, harmful sun rays, saltwater, and dry cool winds, depending on the destination you choose. All these external factors can cast a negative impact on your precious skin, causing frustrating sunburns, dry skin, and more. At the same time, we’re sure you don’t want to stuff your bag with tons of lotions, serums and creams. Check out these summer vacation essentials, which will cover all your skincare needs while you enjoy your trip.

5 summer vacation essentials for skin

Check out the list of 5 summer travel essentials for the skin and pack these into your skincare vanity:

Cleanser: A cleanser is one of the basic summer vacation necessities that you need to keep handy at all times. Try packing a duo-action facewash that helps cleanse dirt, dust and grime, purify your skin, correct dullness, and provide instant freshness. You should also carry a micellar cleansing water that instantly remove makeup or impurities from your skin in a single swipe, and does not require cleansing with water. Those who love the double-cleansing method can use both during the trip or separately, depending on their need.    

Moisturiser: Regardless of the temperature or your skin type, you should moisturise your skin religiously. Going for a vitamin C serum cream with SPF can help you protect your skin signs of sun damage like sun brun, skin tanning, dark spots. Also, you can opt for SPF moisturisers that provide the benefits of both sunscreen and a moisturiser.

Sunscreen: You can remove one favourite dress from your luggage if you want to, but packing sunscreen is non-negotiable. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays, prevents tanning and sunburn, and delays premature ageing and diseases like skin cancer. So, include sunscreen in your summer holiday packing list and take the best care of your skin even while you’re travelling.

Hydrating sheet masks: During the hot and humid days of summer, your body sweats a lot. And it is essential to keep both your body and skin hydrated enough to prevent transepidermal water loss. You can elevate the hydration level of your skin and enjoy some me-time during travel by applying a sheet mask. For effective results, go for a hyaluronic acid and green tea-infused sheet mask or hyaluronic acid-infused pomegranate sheet mask.

Blotting paper for oily skin: While some can have an oily skin type others can experience skin oiliness due to dirt build-up. Hence, carrying blotting sheets along with other essentials for the summer holiday can help you remove excess oil from the face especially T-zone. So, remove oil from your skin on the go with a blotting sheet and keep greasiness at bay.

Now that you know how your summer holiday packing list looks, let’s look at some simple and effective tips to protect your skin while travelling.

Tips to follow while travelling during summer

  • While travelling, wear a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and hair from UV radiation.
  • Water helps to remove toxins from the body and keep your body optimally hydrated. Hence, drinking more fluids while travelling is super-essential.
  • Wear minimal makeup while travelling to let your skin breathe even when there is an increased level of humidity. For instance, instead of going for heavy foundations, you can go for BB creams which let you achieve even-toned skin and moisturise it at the same time.
  • Remove your makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired you are. Makeup along with impurities, when left on the skin, can lead to acne-breakouts and irritate your skin.
  • Take care of your eyes during your summer travel by wearing sunglasses or applying eye masks when you’re not stepping out. You can try our orange-eye mask or coconut-water eye mask. Also, don’t forget to wear lip care products to prevent dryness.

So, plan your summer trip with ease and care with this guide on summer vacation essentials. This list will help you keep your skincare kit minimal without compromising on your skin health. If you are willing to pack a few more skincare essentials like serum or night cream, browse through the vast range of Garnier skincare products and make your face summer-ready.