Japanese double cleanse routine Japanese double cleanse routine

Decoding the Japanese double cleanse routine

Alongside Koreans, the Japanese seem to take the prize when it comes to effective skincare routines. The Japanese double cleanse technique is one such simple, inexpensive and yet a highly effective routine that promises us the famous Asian glass-like skin. This traditional J-beauty skin care was first popularised by Geishas, Japan’s poised entertainers who were known for their vibrant makeup. These Asian beauties swore by first cleansing their face with an oil and then with foam. And thus, after years of practice, the Japanese double cleanse has found its rightful place in the beauty industry and pop culture. The relevance of this Japanese skincare routine stands firm even today. In an era of daily makeup and heavy pollution, the Japanese double cleanse might just be the answer to all your skincare problems. Here’s everything you need to know about the Japanese double cleanse with a step-by-step guide for an effective Japanese skin care routine

What goes into a Japanese double cleanse?

The simple process involves first cleaning your face with an oil or an oil-based cleanser. After the first step, you use a foam-based cleanser to make sure that even the smallest impurities have been removed from your face for the night. Then, you go on to heavily rinse your face as the last step of your Japanese double cleanse routine.

What is the Japanese 4-2-4 cleansing routine?

Unlike the lengthy 12-step Korean skin care routines, a Japanese double cleanse does not require you to buy an array of skincare products. Less products but more time seems to be the core philosophy of the Japanese double cleanse. The Japanese 4-2-4 cleansing routine is a guide to how much time one should spend on each step of their skin care. The 4-2-4 routine helps to maximise the utility of your skin regimen. If you spend a longer amount of time on the wrong steps, your skin might come out looking parched and dry. The  Japanese 4-2-4 cleansing routine makes it easier to maintain uniformity and accuracy in your skin care.

How to perform the 4-2-4 Japanese cleansing routine?

This Japanese skin care routine involves massaging your face with an oil or an oil-based cleanser for a good four minutes. This brings up the blood circulation in your face and breaks down any waterproof makeup on your face. If you usually wear a naked face, this oil cleanse thoroughly removes all the oil-based impurities and grimy dust that wouldn’t usually come off with water. The oil nourishes your skin and you can also dodge the scrubbing and scouring that typically comes with cleansing.

After four minutes of a gentle face massage, you can use a thorough but gentle face cleanser. Use a gentle or a water-based solution that would go easy on your skin. Micellar cleansing waters or other paraben-free formulas make the ideal second step of the Japanese double cleanse. You can now work in the gentle face cleanser on your face for two minutes. Ensure that you are getting all the spots, including your neck and hairline to  avoid any oil residues.

After two minutes you can finally wash your face. But you must rinse for four minutes. You can start out with lukewarm water and close off with some cold splashes to close your pores after this thorough Japanese skin care routine.

How to select the right products for a Japanese skin care regimen?

A Japanese double cleanse puts a lot of products and stimulation on your face one after the other. To avoid any irritation or allergic reactions, make sure that your products are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. Select an especially light oil cleanser for oily skin type. Look for a gentler water-based or foam cleanser for the second step of Japanese double cleanse if you have dry skin. Use light micellar cleansing water to ensure that all oil and dirt has left your face without stripping your skin’s natural hydration.

Ready with all the essential knowledge about the Japanese double cleanse tradition, you can now inculcate these easy steps into your daily night time skin care routine. Try out the gentle, foamless Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water range to find a perfect fit for your own Japanese double cleanse. If the elaborate method is just not for you, you can follow an easier version of it with the bi-phase oil-infused micellar water. For more skincare advice, check out our wide range of Garnier skincare products and keep reading these skincare tips for healthy, glowing skin.