7 Causes of Dry Skin That You Probably Didn’t Know 7 Causes of Dry Skin That You Probably Didn’t Know

7 Causes of Dry Skin

Does your skin feel tight, itchy, and looks rough? These are signs of dry skin. Dry skin occurs due to an impaired skin barrier and a lack of healthy fats in the top layer of the skin (epidermis). When the protective oils in the skin reduce, it lowers the water content in the epidermis that leads to dry skin. There are various factors that can lead to this skin condition, and in this piece, we have tried to cover all the possible causes of dry skin. So, stick to the end, learn the causes of dry skin, and take preventive measures accordingly.

Causes of dry skin

Take a look at the list of all the causes of dry skin and build your dry skincare routine the right way.

1. Using harsh skincare products

Using harsh skincare products can be one of the causes of dry skin. Harsh soaps or cleansing products can significantly irritate or dry out your skin. Hence, you should stay away from dry skin-causing culprits like sulphates, isopropyl alcohols, benzyl alcohol, and fragrances. For best results, use cream cleansers instead of gel or foam cleansers.

2. Overbathing

Sometimes you might wonder ‘why is my skin so dry’? Well, chances are that you might be overbathing. Long showers and frequent scrubbing can strip away the healthy oil and bacteria from the skin causing dryness and itching. So, try to reduce your shower time and use lukewarm water for bathing.

Pro tip: Apply a moisturiser lotion and cream immediately after you step out from the shower to prevent skin dryness. 

3. Genetics

One of the reasons for dry skin can be genetics as well. Some sort of mutations in genes can be experienced and passed on through generations. People with these mutations become prone to eczema. In such cases, you should proactively focus on daily moisturisation. Go for ceramide or lipidor glycerine-infused moisturising creams.

4. Ageing

Ageing can also be attributed as  one of the primary reasons for dry skin. As you age, your skin becomes thin and starts losing the oils required to keep it healthy. To combat age-induced skin dryness, you can use an anti-ageing cream. This type of skincare product helps you fight signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and most importantly skin dryness.

5. Environment

Living in a desert-like low humidity or windy or cold climate can also be one of the causes of dry skin. Why, you ask? People who live in a dry climate experience dry skin because the environment removes the moisture from their skin.

Pro tip: You can install a humidifier in your room to ensure high moisture retention in your skin.

6. Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Intake of the right nutrients can also help keep the skin healthy. If your skin is not receiving enough nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin A, niacin, zinc, or iron, etc., your skin might appear dry and lifeless. Hence, you must eat vitamin and mineral-rich foods to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

7. Medical conditions and treatments

Wondering what causes dry skin? Certain medical conditions like allergies, diabetes, kidney disease, and psoriasis can also cause excessively dry skin. Also, undergoing any medical treatment for cancer or taking dialysis or certain other medications can also lead to dry skin. In such cases, you must consult with a dermatologist or healthcare provider to get the best treatment for dry skin.

Now that you have answers to the questions like - ‘what causes dry skin?’ or ‘why is my skin so dry?’, you can now take care of your dry skin properly and efficiently. So, go ahead and build an effective skincare routine with best-in-class products. And keep browsing through the Garnier skincare products and the skincare tips to get all the solutions in one place.