5 Tips To Avoid Post Workout Acne 5 Tips To Avoid Post Workout Acne

5 Tips To Avoid Post Workout Acne

Exercise is great, even for your skin. It improves blood circulation, brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin, and helps flush out toxins. But the sweaty skin and oily face after an intense workout session can clog pores and wreak havoc on your skin. Don’t let that stop you from experiencing the many benefits of exercising. From picking the best face wash for oily skin and acne to using the right kind of makeup, here are 5 skincare tips for you to keep in mind so you can hit the gym without worrying about your skin!

1. Avoid wearing makeup when working out

The key to keeping your skin free of breakouts is to keep your pores unclogged, so that means no makeup products on your skin while working out. When you exercise, the blood flow to your skin increases, which in turn, causes your pores to open up. Makeup and other toxins can get trapped in these enlarged pores, giving rise to acne and other forms of breakouts. People who prefer having a light coverage and an even complexion can apply a thin layer of BB cream to add just a hint of colour and hydration to the skin. Heavy, full coverage foundations and concealers are an absolute no-no! It is also a good practice to ditch thick face creams and moisturizers and just use sunscreen or a lightweight face cream with SPF during the daytime to shield your skin from the sun.

2. Always have a clean towel with you

While towels are great to wipe off sweat and oil from your face between your workout sets, they are also a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you use a fresh, clean towel for each workout session. The gym towel you use should be absorbent enough to quickly wipe off the sweat from your face. Look for a fast-drying gym towel that is specially made to be more absorbent, so fungus and bacteria don’t feed on it.

3. Double cleanse your face

As soon as you are done working out, cleanse your face right away and change out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible. Double cleanse your face to clean your pores from deep within and remove all accumulated toxins. Use a mild yet effective micellar water to remove all sweat, oil, dirt, and other impurities from your skin to allow your skin to breathe. Next, go in with an acne face wash that is formulated with anti-bacterial properties to remove excess oil and impurities, pull out dirt from your pores, and to give your oily face an all-day long freshness. You can also use a brightening facewash to give your skin an instant boost of radiance after a long workout.

4. Keep your hair away from your face

Natural oils from your hair as well as hair care products like serums can get transferred on your skin if the hair constantly comes in contact with your face. Hair also traps sweat and moisture which mixed with the oils and sweat on your face is a recipe for disaster. If you have long hair, pull all your hair back away from your face and tie it in a bun or ponytail. For those with short hair, use hair clips or a hair band to keep the hair off your face.

5. Use the right skincare products after your workout

Preventing post workout acne is not limited to only the routine you do immediately after your exercise. You also need to pay close attention to your regime and the skincare products you use throughout the day as well. Start and end your day with a gentle facewash that keeps your skin free from pore-clogging toxins. At nighttime, use a night cream to give your skin a helping hand while it repairs and regenerates itself overnight. Treat your skin to the many benefits of face masks two to three times a week to tighten large open pores, combat excess sebum production, and keep breakouts away.

Follow these 5 skincare tips to make sure your skin does not come in the way of your fitness goals!