5 Sheet Mask Mistakes That You Might Be Making 5 Sheet Mask Mistakes That You Might Be Making

5 Sheet Mask Mistakes – Common Sheet Mask Mistakes

Whether you are a beginner at sheet masks or have been using them for a while, you might have made at least one of these sheet mask mistakes in the past. A sheet mask is a fairly easy-to-use skincare product. But there could be a few small things you might be doing wrong that will stop you from getting all the benefits from your sheet masks. Read on to know more about five of the most common sheet mask mistakes and how you can correct them.

1. Not prepping your skin before applying a sheet mask

If you want to get the most out of your sheet masks, you need to start with a clean face. If you have makeup, dirt, oil, and sweat on your face, the serum from the sheet mask will not get completely absorbed into your skin. Before applying your sheet mask, make sure you have washed your face with a good cleanser like micellar water which gently removes impurities or leftover makeup, leaving you with a perfectly clean face. Cleansing your skin prior to putting on a sheet mask will help all the active ingredients from the serum sink deep into the skin and work their magic.

2. Leaving the mask on for too long

You’re not alone if you think that leaving your sheet mask for some extra time will help you get the most out of it. However, letting your sheet mask dry on your face will have the opposite effect. If you leave the sheet mask on your face for too long, the sheet mask will start drying out. This will cause the sheet mask to start reabsorbing all the serum that has just been deposited on your face. In some cases, it could also pull out the moisture from your skin. So set a timer for 15 minutes and take off your sheet mask once the time is up. A few extra minutes might not always hurt, but make sure you do not let your sheet mask completely dry out on your face. Stick to the instructions for your sheet mask to be effective.

3. Rinsing your face after taking the sheet mask off

One of the most common sheet mask mistakes people make is that they rinse or wash their face once they peel off the mask. Since the sheet masks are soaked in serum, it takes a while for all of the serum to get absorbed into your skin. Washing your face will wash off all the serum that your skin could have absorbed. When you take off your sheet mask, you might notice that your skin still feels wet and all the serum has not yet penetrated your skin. Gently massage any excess serum into your face to help it get absorbed better. You can also use the excess serum from the sheet mask on your neck

4. Skipping the rest of your skincare routine

A serum sheet mask helps provide an intense boost of hydration to your skin but does not take care of your skin’s needs. You still need to continue with the rest of your skincare regime to help lock in all the goodness of the sheet mask. For example, if you have applied your sheet mask in the morning, do not forget to moisturise and apply your sunscreen as you would normally do. Using the sheet mask at night? Continue with your night creams and under eye gels as usual. These products essentially act as a sealant and that keep the serum from the sheet mask trapped in your skin so it can continue benefitting your skin from within.

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If used correctly, serum sheet masks are a great skincare product that should be a part of your weekly skincare routine. Just make sure to avoid these simple sheet mask mistakes and you will be a sheet mask pro in no time. Check out Garnier’s Serum Sheet Mask range and treat your skin to some nourishing goodness.

Here are some more sheet mask Dos and Don’ts for you to keep in mind.