How To Root Touch Up At Home – Tips and Tricks How To Root Touch Up At Home – Tips and Tricks

How To Root Touch Up At Home – Tips and Tricks

The feeling of freshly colored hair is wonderful! After the process of hair coloring, your hair looks perfectly colored and uniform. However, this feeling only lasts for a couple of weeks. Eventually, your hair starts to grow out and the roots start to show. It isn’t feasible to colour the lengths of your hair every couple of weeks. It will damage your hair and will also be an expensive affair. The best way to keep your hair color looking fresh is by getting regular root touch ups.

What is a root touch up?

Just as the name suggests, a root touch up is when you apply hair color to the roots of your hair. This is usually recommended every few weeks after coloring your hair. Root touch ups are a great option in between your hair color appointments. They help you cover the greys that start to peek through. Along with this, it helps you look presentable at all times. However, going to the salon frequently to get your roots touched up can be an expensive affair. This is why we are here with three root touch up hair coloring tips, that will make at home root touch ups a breeze.

1. Choose the right shade of hair color

While coloring your hair at home the most important thing is to choose the right shade of hair color. Your root touch up hair color cannot be darker or lighter than the color of the lengths of your hair. It will make the hair color look shabby and inconsistent.

If you’re covering your greys during your root touch up, remember to choose a color that is one shade lighter. Since grey or silver hair strands are naturally very light, the development of color is darker. If you choose the incorrect shade, your roots will look darker than the lengths of your hair. If you are confused about the hair color you should pick, try the Garnier Virtual Try On tool. This tool will help you virtually try out different shades of hair color. With this tool, you can pick the perfect hair color shade for your root touch ups.

2. Be precise with your application

While applying your root touch up hair color, it is important to be very precise. This is necessary as your hair growth is minimal and needs to be covered well. You may think it is easier to simply coat the lengths of your hair, but a root touch up is much more feasible. It is quicker, efficient and also reduces damage to your hair.

For a precise and smooth at-home hair coloring experience, you can use a ready box kit. Garnier hair color in the Color Naturals range comes in a color ready pack. This pack consists of gloves, a bowl, clips, and a hair coloring brush. This gives you a hassle free at home hair coloring experience.

  • The hair coloring brush is perfect to coat your roots evenly.
  • The clips help you neatly section your hair. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any sections of hair.

This kit is available in three shades - Color Naturals Color Ready Kit - Shade 1 Natural Black, Color Naturals Color Ready Kit - Shade 3 Darkest Brown and Color Naturals Color Ready Kit - Shade 4 Brown. You can pick and choose your root touch up hair color from these shades. A pro tip would be to apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and on your ears. This will help you easily remove any hair color that accidentally stains your skin.

3. Be patient

No one likes their greys to peek through, however, it is very important to be patient between root touch ups. Let the hair grow out a little and then choose to color it. This will help you get an even application and also reduce hair damage.

Covering your roots at home is a simple process, with Garnier hair color it becomes simpler. Choose your perfect shade of red, brown, black and burgundy hair color from our wide range of hair colors.