All About Beard Oil All About Beard Oil

All About Beard Oil

Growing a beard has become a trend amongst most men today, considered how it’s often seen as being more masculine, attractive and mature. However, maintaining it can bring a lot of challenges if you don’t take care of it or provide it with the right nourishment or use the right kind of products. For instance, let’s talk about a beard oil. We’re sure you have heard about it, but do you actually know what exactly is its purpose? Or how to use a beard oil? If you’re planning to invest in one, here are some burning questions you should ask before getting yourself a beard oil.

1. What is a beard oil?

A beard oil is a grooming product used by men like a conditioner to nourish and soften their beard. It is a combination of essential oils used to improve the health of your beard. It helps your beard look fuller, softer and tamed. This product also helps moisturising the skin underneath the beard.

2. What are the benefits of beard oil?

Apart from moisturising and taming, beard oil has multiple benefits which are as follows:

• Adds shine to your beard

A beard oil can help give your beard the healthy-looking glow that it deserves. How long the glow will last depends on the type of ingredients used in the beard oil. For instance, the StrongBeard Beard & Moustache Oil is enriched with vitamin E that boosts shine.

• Moisturises the skin underneath your beard

Have you ever experienced an itchy beard caused due to the dry skin underneath? It is one of the most common problems amongst men who are growing a beard. Just like the hair on your hair, your beard too needs an oil to keep it healthy as it grows. Your skin produces sebum, which is a natural oil required to hydrate your beard. However, as your beard grows, your skin’s ability to produce this sebum reduces and thus it dries out and starts itching. A beard oil provides enough hydration for the skin underneath your beard to remain healthy as your beard grows. The almond oil in the StrongBeard Beard & Moustache Oil prevents your skin from drying out and smoothens the texture of your beard.

• Prevents acne and irritation

If you're facing issues like beard acne, you should start using beard oil. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of vitamin E, which is present in beard oil, help the beard combat environmental aggressors like pollution and weather while also enhancing your skin and hair. You can also follow a skincare routine for men to prevent acne along with using a beard oil.

• Helps in taming your beard

Your beard hair is often rougher than the hair on your scalp. Beard oil acts as a conditioner and softens its texture within a few days. It also reduces the frizz and tames it, making it look neater and better.

3. When to apply a beard oil?

Now that you know all the benefits, let’s move to another important question - when to apply a beard oil? It is recommended that you apply the beard oil after taking a shower or after washing your face. Applying a beard oil after cleansing ensures that it gets absorbed by the beard and the skin effectively.

4. How to use a beard oil?

Pour a small quantity of beard oil onto your palm and gently rub it between your hands before applying it. Then, apply the oil by massaging it into the skin underneath your beard. Distribute the oil evenly using your fingers or a beard comb. Applying the oil to the skin underneath your beard will help avoid dryness and irritation.

5. Is beard oil safe for all skin types?

Generally, beard oils are designed using essential oils, making them suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin. Look for products that contain gentle, natural ingredients that will not irritate your skin. However, do check if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the product.

Now that you know all about beard oils, go ahead and invest in one and start flaunting a healthy beard. Keep exploring through the wide range of Garnier Men’s skin care products to give your skin the much-needed TLC it deserves.