Dry vs Dehydrated Skin in Men: Know the Difference Dry vs Dehydrated Skin in Men: Know the Difference

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin in Men: Know the Difference

Men, how often do you come across discussions regarding dry skin vs dehydrated skin and ignore it thinking they’re unimportant? Well, this discussion does concern you if you suffer from issues like itchiness, rough skin, dark circles, etc. Though terms ‘dry’ and ‘dehydrated’ are often used interchangeably or even synonymously, there is a considerable difference between dry and dehydrated skin. The symptoms of these two skin types may seem similar but the skin’s appearance varies and changes in each case. In this piece, we will talk about dry skin and dehydrated skin and help you find ways to tackle it.

Dry Skin vs Dehydrated Skin in Men

Basic Difference

  • Dehydrated skin is a specific condition when the skin becomes dry due to lack of water.
  • Dry skin is a skin type that occurs when a person’s skin lacks oil.

Difference in Causes

  • Skin and body become dehydrated when it does not get the required amount of fluid to perform all functions. When the input is less than the output (meaning if more water and fluid leave) then the body supplies fluid to important organs and restricts supply to the skin. This makes the skin dehydrated.
  • The outermost protective layer of the skin is called the stratum corneum. When certain abnormalities hamper the barrier or protective function of the stratum corneum, we experience dry skin.

Difference in Contributing Factors

  • Excessive sweating or particular medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis, diabetes, sunburn, and certain medications such as antihistamines or laxatives can cause dehydration in the body and skin.
  • Hormonal imbalance, dry weather, using abrasives, and certain ingredients can cause dry skin. Other factors such as malnutrition, age, and skin conditions such as dermatitis, hypothyroidism, or chronic kidney disease result in dry skin.

Difference in Symptoms

  • Persons with dehydrated skin have dark circles, cracked lips, tired-looking eyes, poor skin elasticity, and dry lips, and mouth. One can feel itchiness and have fine lines as well.
  • If you have dry skin, you may suffer from symptoms such as scaling, roughness, itchiness, and flaking. Loose and cracked skin are also tell-tale signs of dry skin.

Now that you have gained comprehensive knowledge regarding dry skin vs. dehydrated skin, we can proceed to learn the tips and ideal skincare routine for dry and dehydrated skin.

Tips to Tackle Dry and Dehydrated Skin

You can tackle and prevent dry skin in men by following a nourishing skincare routine. Below are listed top male grooming products that would help you hydrate and moisture your skin.

Use Mild Cleanser: Determine your skin type and choose a gentle and soothing cleanser for men to wash away dust, pollutants, and impurities. Do not use bar soap or hot water while cleansing your face as it will make your face drier. Pro tip: Avoid over-washing your face.

Exfoliate Your Skin: No matter whether you have dry or dehydrated you must indulge in skin exfoliation to peel off dead skin cells. Rely on gentle scrub and reveal healthy and clear skin.

Keep Your Skin Moisturised: Individuals with dry skin must use moisturiser to supply the outer layer of the body with the required oil. You can go for products containing glycerin. For the best result, choose a glycerin-infused anti-pollution brightening moisturiser that would protect you from pollution while taking care of skin moisture.

Hydrate the Outermost Layer: Those who have dehydrated skin must focus on products that would hydrate their skin intensely. In such cases, soothing sheet masks can work like magic and hydrate skin deeply. 

Use Sunscreen: Most men might think that sunscreen must be applied while going to the beach. But contrary to their belief, men must use sunscreen every day irrespective of the season. Sun exposure damage both dry and dehydrated skin. Therefore, include sunscreen in the men’s skincare routine and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Pro Tips to Give Extra Care to Your Skin

Dehydrated Skin: Those who have dehydrated skin must improve their dietary choice and include water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumber, celery, etc.

Dry Skin: Frequently moisturize your skin and focus on your PM routine to seal moisture within the skin.

Since itchiness is a common symptom of dry and dehydrated skin, Men with skin type or condition and facial hair can use vitamin E-enriched strong beard oil to reduce itchiness and inflammation. 

Got a crystal-clear idea about dry skin vs. dehydrated skin? Therefore, improve the appearance of your skin by indulging in a thorough skincare routine for men. Start browsing the vast collection of Garnier skincare products, and ensure your skin feels moisturised and hydrated.