5 Causes of Dull Skin in Men – Reason For Dull Face 5 Causes of Dull Skin in Men – Reason For Dull Face

5 Causes of Dull Skin in Men – Reason For Dull Face

Dear men, if your skincare routine is restricted to only cleansing and shaving, it can eventually lead to dull, tired-looking and lifeless skin. But is this the only reason for dull skin in men? The answer is no! There are several causes of dull skin in men and in this article, we’ll share them with you. Understanding the reasons for dullness on the face will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes. Read on as we share the causes of dull skin in men and the simple ways to get clear, happy, and healthy skin.

Causes of dull skin in men

Skim through the following list of causes of dull skin in men to put forward a strong fight against dullness:

1. Using harsh cleansing products

The men’s grooming industry has evolved impressively. However, there are numerous men out there who still use harsh soaps on their faces and as a result develop dull skin. Soap bars contain harsh substances and have a high pH value that can cause dryness in the skin and leave it feeling tight, dull, and irritated. Invest in a black charcoal face wash or lemon and grape water-infused brightening face wash to deeply cleanse your skin and brighten it up.

2. Build-up of dead skin cells

Accumulation of dead skin cells accumulation on the face is one of the primary causes of dull skin in men. Your skin generates new cells and sheds the older ones naturally. However, sometimes this process becomes slow, causing dead skin cells to build up and giving your skin a dull appearance. Men, if you want to avoid having dull skin, then try to exfoliate once or twice a week. This skincare step will help banish excess oil from the skin, remove dead skin cells, and unclog pores.  

3. Dryness and dehydration

Dryness and dehydration can take a toll on your skin as they are the reasons for dullness on the face. Living in a climate with low humidity can cause skin dryness and make the skin feel tight and dull. Additionally, dehydration can affect the appearance of your skin. Why, you ask? Low water content in your skin cells can make them shrivelled, lead to a dull and lacklustre appearance, and even make wrinkles become more visible. In such cases, try to focus on skin hydration. Applying a vitamin C serum gel can help you combat dryness and dehydration – two of the major reasons for dull face. Vitamin C serum gel is the perfect solution for dark spots and a great way to add luminosity to your skin. Also, don’t forget to apply a moisturiser as it is one of the integral parts of a dull skincare routine. If your skin gets exposed to dust, dirt, and pollution on an everyday basis, try to invest in an anti-pollution brightening moisturiser. This type of moisturiser shields your skin from harmful UV rays, fights pollution, fixes skin tone, and paves the way for radiant-looking skin.

4. Smoking and alcohol intake

Smoking is one of the potential causes of dull skin in men. Yes, you read it right! Smoking affects collagen production, heightens the oxidative stress, and harms the elastin fibres and connective tissue in your skin. As a result, you develop dull skin and experience premature skin ageing. Moreover, as surprising as it may sound, alcohol can affect your appearance and make it look dull and wrinkled. Alcohol is diuretic, which means it causes your body to lose fluid through the renal system. Result? Dehydration and dull skin. Once you limit your alcohol intake, your skin will feel hydrated and improved in no time.

5. Stress and lack of sleep

Do you know stress and lack of sleep are also one of the reasons for dullness on face? When you are stressed your body releases cortisol (the primary stress hormone) that makes your skin dull, dry, and tired-looking. Also, you can notice increased sebum production (causes of acne and dandruff) when stressed. Further, lack of sleep leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood and results in dull and pigmented skin.  Hence, try to get enough sleep, and indulge in a healthy diet and habits like meditation and yoga to get rid of dull skin. 

Now that you know the causes of dull skin in men, take preventive measures to reduce skin dullness. So, follow a thorough skincare routine with the right skincare products and get radiant skin in no time. Wondering how to find the best skincare products for men? Browse through the Garnier skincare products and follow these skincare tips to achieve healthy and happy skin.