5-Step Dull Skin Care Routine For Men 5-Step Dull Skin Care Routine For Men

5-Step Dull Skin Care Routine For Men

Dull skin is not only a hassle for teenagers or women, but it also haunts men. Wondering how to get rid of dull skin in men? All you need to do to get rid of dull skin is to pamper your skin a little and give it the attention it needs. And by that, we don’t mean spending hours in front of the mirror. A daily, dull skincare routine is all you need to do away with the layer of dull, dead skin cells that steals away the glow from your skin and makes you look tired. Yes, it’s that easy! So, we’re here with one of the best skincare routines for dull skin to combat your dull skin concerns and make you look fresh and handsome all the time.

Dull skincare routine 

1. Cleanse two times a day

Our skin is exposed to environmental aggressors such as pollution, dirt and dust that should be removed from the skin gently, without making it feel over dry. Cleansing your face with a facewash is the most basic and essential step of any routine as this helps to eliminate the gunk and product build-up on the skin. To avoid dullness, clogged pores, and other skin problems, you need to thoroughly cleanse your face twice a day.

2. Exfoliate effectively

After cleansing, many dead skin cells can pile up on the outer layer of your skin and can contribute to the look of dull skin. The collection of dead skin cells can prevent topical skincare products from penetrating deep into the skin and working effectively. Exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin, and dirt and revealing radiant skin underneath. Hence, it is important to exfoliate your face one to two times a week, depending on your skin type. Scrubbing also helps the oxygen to travel through your pores and get read of blackheads, tan, and impurities to give you an instant glow. But remember to be mindful. Do not over-exfoliate as this can make your skin dry, and flaky which in turn can make your skin look dull.

3. Moisturise religiously

Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise. You might be thinking that using a moisturiser can make your skin even oilier and dull, especially if you have oily skin, but you’re wrong. Regardless of your skin type, moisturisation is a must. Dryness is one of the most common causes of dull skin and moisturisation is a great way to combat this situation. Moisturising religiously will help you achieve nourished, glowing, soft and supple skin effortlessly.

4. Don’t skip SPF

Sun damage can take away the glow from your skin and lead to lifeless, tired, and pale skin. Prolonged sun exposure can also trigger your glands to produce more sebum which in turn can increase breakouts, and acne, and lead to dull skin. Even on days when you are in a rush and don’t have time for an elaborate dull skincare routine, you need to apply SPF to protect your skin’s health and radiance.

5. Pamper with a face mask

One of the most useful skincare products you can add to your dull skincare routine is a face mask. A mask is packed with potent ingredients that do a great job of nourishing the skin and making it soft and radiant. While there is a variety of face mask options available in the market, the best way to add a glow to your skin is by using a charcoal face mask for men. We recommend using a face mask two to three times a week to achieve visible results and pamper your skin with the best.

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