3-Step Routine for Beard Softening 3-Step Routine for Beard Softening

3-Step Routine for Beard Softening

If you have been struggling with a beard that is super scratchy, unmanageable, hard, has sharp hair strands and split ends, and wondering if that’s how it’s supposed to be then hear us out. What you’re currently sporting is probably an unhealthy beard because healthy facial hair is hydrated, soft, and super easy to tame. If you have unruly facial hair that needs some strict maintenance, we are here to help you. We’ve compiled some effective tips, beard-softening products and a beard care routine to tame your mane like a pro.

How to Soften Your Beard?

If you are struggling to soften unruly facial hair you can apply any of the following beard-softening products to make your beard softer:

Beard Oil: When it comes to beard-softening products, beard oil acquires the top position. The benefits of beard oil are countless. It is a staple beard care product that moisturises your facial hair and the skin underneath to prevent dandruff and irritation, soften dry facial hair, and tame the unruly strands. You can try the vitamin E and almond oil-infused beard oil for a softer beard. 

Beard Balm: Beard balm is another dedicated beard styling product that helps to hold your facial hair in place and shape it accordingly. Loaded with vitamins and essential nutrients, this beard-softening product conditions and moisturises your facial hair to give it a voluminous appearance, making it softer, and easier to manage. Those who have medium to extra-long facial hair can choose beard balm as it’s one of the most effective beard-softening products.

Beard Wax: Similar to beard balm, beard wax is a beard-styling product that gives you the freedom to try trending beard styles and helps you tame long (even short) bushy beards. Wondering how? Beard wax comes with a thick consistency and strong sculpting properties that firmly hold the beard and avoid any flyaways. The moisturising agents and essential oils present in beard wax nourish, hydrate, and condition your rough, uncontrollable facial hair so that you can ace the beard game.

Beard Shampoo: Wondering why you need a beard shampoo to soften your beard? While shampoos are primarily formulated to cleanse, beard shampoos are designed to moisturise and soften your facial hair. Facial hair has coarser consistency than head hair, which makes them hard to handle. However, when you use a dedicated beard shampoo you can easily soften facial hair and maintain a neat look. 

Beard Conditioner:  An amazing beard softening tip is to add beard conditioners to your beard care routine. This product helps nourish facial hair, supplies moisture to the skin underneath and minimises frizz and tangles.

Now that you know how to make beard softer using these products, let’s look at a simple beard care routine that will make sure you get the continued result, i.e., soft, manageable, and healthy facial hair. Here’s a 3-step beard care routine to make your beard soft.

3-Step Beard Care Routine to Soften Your Beard

Put an end to your quest to how to make your beard soft by following this 3-step beard care routine to soften your facial hair:

Step 1: Trim Your Beard

Comb your beard upwards and check for any unruly hair strands that stick out. Now, using a pair of scissors snip them off. This exercise will help you get rid of stiff hair and leave you with softer and more manageable beard. Trimming your facial hair will also help you prevent split ends and get a clean look.

Step 2: Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

Wash and condition your beard with dedicated beard shampoo and conditioner to revitalise and soften your beard. Cleansing is an essential step in beard care and softening rituals as it helps to banish all the dust and dirt trapped deep in your beard and avoid unclogged pores.

Step 3: Moisturise and Comb Your Facial Hair

Seal the moisturiser in your skin by using beard-softening and nourishing products like beard oil after cleansing. Next, use a beard comb or brush to distribute the products evenly as well as the skin’s natural oil to manage and hydrate your facial hair.

Pro tip: While taking optimal care of your beard, don’t forget to address your skin woes and needs. For instance, if you are struggling with acne, you must use dedicated anti-pimple facewash and anti-pimple moisturiser for acne-free and clean skin.

With a list of dedicated beard-softening products ready with you and a thorough beard care routine in place, softening your beard won’t be an arduous task anymore. For more guidance, browse through the vast range of Garnier skincare products to achieve healthy skin and well-groomed beard.