4 Trending Beard Styles Of 2023 That Men Should Try At Least Once 4 Trending Beard Styles Of 2023 That Men Should Try At Least Once

4 Trending Beard Styles Of 2023 That Men Should Try At Least Once

All the bearded men out there, do you want to achieve the ‘new year, new me’ goal? If yes, then embrace the new year with these iconic beard styles that are set to rule 2023. The right beard style and well-groomed facial hair have the power to transform your look entirely and make you more confident. Whether you have a rugged, refined, or patchy beard, you should feel confident and good about yourself every time you look in the mirror. So, take your beard game to the next level with these trending beard styles for men.

Beard Styles for 2023

Here is a list of different beard styles for men as per the length of facial hair:

Short beard styles

Those who love to flaunt short beard can pick from the beard styles mentioned below:

  • 5’0 Clock Shadow: The 5’0 clock shadow beard style is the faint stubble that you usually notice in the late afternoon after one or two days since your last shave. It is one of the short beard styles that suits men with dark hair and oval face more than men with lighter hair and square and rectangular face.
  • Scruffy beard: Scruffy beard refers to a particular kind of short beard style that is kept at a length between 2-5 mm. Go for a scruffy beard look in 2023 and get a rugged manly look without growing a full beard.

Long beard styles

Those who prefer long beard styles can choose a perfect one for 2023 from the list mentioned below:

  • Power beard: Power beard, also called natural beard refers to one of the long beard shapes that grows between 4-6 inches in length. You can amp up the style by pairing it with a walrus moustache to get a bold appearance or sport a trimmed moustache to get a neat look.
  • Bandholz beard: Bandholz beard is one of the long beard styles that demand immense patience as you might have to wait for a whole year to grow this. This beard style connects a full beard with a mustache and doesn’t have a length limit like that of a full beard Garibaldi.

Once you select the right beard style for 2023, you must indulge in a beard care routine for men to take good care of your facial hair.  

3-step beard care routine

Step 1: Cleanse your beard 2-3 times a week. Regular washing helps to eliminate dirt, dust and smoke build-up on the beard and skin. Here you can trust an anti-pollution face wash to get optimal protection from environmental aggressors. However, those who are struggling with acne can opt for anti-acne facewash to get relief from pimples and skin discomforts like irritation, redness, etc.     

Step 2: Soften and moisturise your facial hair with beard oil. You can go for vitamin E-enriched beard oil that will help to increase hair strength and shine and tame unruly facial hair. The benefits of beard oil are endless, hence consider adding this magic potion to your skincare routine.

Step 3: Brush your beard daily using a beard comb and trim your facial hair with a trimmer to keep it well-maintained. Take care of your beard with these grooming essentials

Ace the beard game in 2023 with the trending beard styles and follow the above-mentioned tips and routine to ensure optimal beard health. Keep browsing through the vast range of Garnier skincare products for men to get a healthy beard and skin.