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Hair Color Trends for Men - Men Hair Color Trends

From Salt & Pepper To Highlights For Men, 7 Best Hair Colour Trends To Try.

Who said that only women get hair colour or highlights done? Men too are now starting to embrace vibrant hair colours and highlights as a way to express themselves and add some personality to their look. If we have your attention and you are convinced about colouring your hair, let’s take a look at some of the best hair colour trends that you can take inspiration from before you start with the process. From bold colours, highlights to Ombré, gear up to switch your hair colour and flaunt a new look with some of the hottest hair colour trends of 2023 for men. 

1. Bold Colours

One of the biggest men’s hair colour trends in 2023 is bold, bright colours. From electric blue to neon green, men are going all out with their hair colour choices. This trend is all about making a statement and standing out from the crowd. If you're feeling daring, go for a full head of bold colour. If you're not quite ready to go all in, try a subtle pop of colour with highlights.

2. Salt and pepper hair

There’s nothing to be surprised here, the salt and pepper look has made a comeback in the list of hair colour trends 2023. This look is refined and handsome and makes you more attractive. If your hair is already greying, you can add some more grey to blend in with the natural grey. These grey highlights for men will make you look smarter and mature.

3. Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights have been a popular hair colour trend for men for a few years now, and they're not going anywhere in 2023. This trend of highlights for men are all about adding some dimension and brightness to your hair without going too over the top. Whether you have dark or light hair, blonde highlights can work for you.

4. Face-Framing Highlights

Another trend that's gaining popularity in 2023 is face-framing highlights for men. This technique involves adding highlights to the hair around the face, which helps to brighten up the complexion and bring attention to the eyes. This trend is perfect for men who want a subtle change and still make a big impact.

5. Natural Colours

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge with bold or vibrant colours, natural hair colours are still a great option. In 2023, natural hair colours like brown, black, and dark blonde are still in trend. Consider adding some highlights to your natural hair colour to add some depth and dimension. Colour Natural has some stunning shades of Browns and Blacks that you might want to browse through. You can also go for the Shampoo colour that comes in three different shades - burgundy, black and black brown.

6. Ombré Hair

Ombré hair has been a popular trend for women for several years, and it's now making its way to men's hair trends as well. This hair colour trend involves a gradual fade from one colour to another, creating a subtle gradient effect. This look works well with both natural and bold hair colours. This men’s hair colour trend was sported by many boy bands in the early 80s. If you have dark brown hair, you can go for a lighter shade of brown to go for the Ombré effect.

7. Two-Tone Hair

Two-tone hair is a trend that involves colouring the top and sides of the hair with one shade and the back and the bottom of the mane with a different colour. You can also experiment by colouring both sides of the hair with different contrasting colours. This hair colour trend is all about creating contrast and making a statement. Whether you go for a bold combination like black and blonde or a more subtle pairing like brown and caramel, the two-tone hair is a trend to try in 2023.

There are plenty of hair colour trends and highlights for men to try in 2023. From bold colours to natural shades, there's something for everyone. Whether you're feeling daring or just want to add some subtle dimension to your hair, consider trying one of these hair colour trends to update your look and express your unique style. So go ahead and browse through the wide range of shampoo colours and other colouring options for men, from the house of Garnier, and choose the right one for you.