Men’s Hair Colour Tips and Tricks – All You Need To Know Men’s Hair Colour Tips and Tricks – All You Need To Know

Hair Colour Tips and Tricks For Men

Whether you want to amp up your look by trying out a new hair colour shade or just want to quickly touch up your roots and cover your greys, colouring your hair at home can be a fun experience – if done correctly. Take the guesswork out of hair colouring with these men’s hair colouring tips and tricks.

Hair colour tip 1 - Understand your hair type, needs, and your skin tone before taking the plunge

Choosing the right hair colour for men depends on a lot of different factors. Let’s say you want to switch your hair to a brown hair colour, but do you know what shade of brown will suit your skin tone and undertone the best? Do you want a rich, dark brown hair colour, or will a soft caramel brown hair colour complement your complexion better? What about going out of your comfort zone and trying out a burgundy hair colour instead? To make it easy to pick your next hair colour shade, use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool and find the best hair colour for your style and complexion. Another important thing to keep in mind is your hair type. Does your hair need intense nourishment? Are you trying to make your hair lighter than your natural hair colour? Do you want a quick grey hair coverage or need a permanent and long-lasting hair colour? Understand your hair colour needs before selecting a shade that checks off all the boxes.

Hair colour tip 2 - Cover your greys the right way

If you are looking for a touch up to cover your grey roots, use a hair colour shade that closely matches your natural hair colour to get a seamless coverage. Use the Garnier Black Natural oil enriched crème hair colour to get 100% grey coverage and get 5X shiny and soft hair with a natural looking result that lasts up to 6 weeks. The no-ammonia formula of the Garnier Black Naturals hair colour provides intense nourishment to your hair, making it one of the best hair colours out there. How you colour your hair also plays a huge role in protecting your hair and improving the final outcome of your hair colour. If you are a covering your greys at home for the first time, check out the hair colouring guide to understand How To Colour Your Hair At Home to get the best results.

Hair colour tip 3 – Step outside your comfort zone

If you are adventurous and want to have fun with your hair colour, don’t let anybody stop you! When it comes to hair colour shades for men, gone are the days when black and dark brown hair colours were the only options you had. Today, you can experiment with fun shades and express yourself with your hair. Get your hair summer ready with a red hair colour with warm undertones or play with plum and burgundy hair colours. Not sure if you want to go for a total colour change just yet? Why not experiment with caramel brown hair colour highlights and lowlights instead? Whatever colour you pick, use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool to test out the different shades before you commit to one.

Hair colour tip 4 – Say goodbye to faded hair colour with Shampoo Color

One of the best hair colours for men, the Garnier Men Shampoo Color is a new and innovative way to colour your hair at home in just 5 minutes. As easy to use as shampoo, the Garnier Men Shampoo Color is a quick, easy, and convenient way to touch up your roots, cover your greys, and refresh your hair colour with no prep and little to no development time. With a men’s hair colour that takes as little time to apply as this, “I have no time” will never be an excuse, and you can enjoy rich and vibrant hair colour shades whenever you want.

Hair colour tip 5 – Use hair products specially formulated for colour treated hair

With new hair colour comes new responsibilities – provide your coloured hair with extra care to not only protect your hair from dryness and damage but also increase the vibrancy and longevity of your hair colour. Use a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that is created to keep your coloured strands looking healthy and shiny for longer. You do not need to hunt the supermarket for a men’s hair colour shampoo, simply pick any coloured hair shampoo and conditioner - does not matter if it is for men or women – and add those to your bathroom shelf.

From covering your first grey hair to updating your look, these men’s hair colouring tips will help you get a flawless hair colour at home, every time.