Pre and Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips for Men Pre and Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips for Men

Pre and post Holi skin and hair care tips for men

From traditional festivities, playing colours, to outdoor fiestas, party lovers everywhere are gearing up to celebrate Holi 2024 with utmost joy. However, amidst this excitement, don’t forget to take care of your skin and hair. Read on as we share some pre and post-Holi skin care tips to ensure that not just you but your skin and hair can also enjoy Holi freely without causing any harsh aftermath.

Do you need skincare or hair care before Holi?

Absolutely! For anyone who plans to party hard this Holi 2024, following a grooming ritual for your skin and hair is an absolute must! After all, drenching yourself in the vibrance of Holi might just damage your skin and hair. While women have plenty to go by when it comes to pre-Holi skin care tips, men shouldn’t hold back on self care either.

It’s best to be prepared so that you don’t have to hold yourself back while enjoying Holi 2024. To unleash the celebrations in full swing, here are a few promising pre-Holi skin care tips and hair care advice along with some after-Holi skin care and hair care suggestions.

Skin & Hair Care Tips before Holi 2024

Moisturise your skin

Moisturising your skin is extremely important before your step out for Holi 2024. Partying in the sun and the constant contact with colours can harm your skin. A moisturiser will help protect your skin and prevent it from coming in direct contact with the colours, making it  an effective pre-holi skincare tip. Men must use a moisturiser before playing Holi to encourage skin nourishment and hydration. It also ensures that the vibrant Holi 2024 colours don’t enter your pores and damage your skin from within.

One of the best moisturisers for men is the Garnier Men Turbo Bright Moisturiser. It has enriching properties of green tea and lemon that helps your skin by reducing uneven skin tone, dark spots and cell damage. Your before-Holi skincare ritual should also include UV protection i.e. protect your face from the harmful sun rays, and this moisturiser offers exactly that. The moisturiser also seeps into your skin and cleanses the skin of impurities while leaving it soft and supple, making it an ideal moisturiser for your Holi 2024 skincare regimen.

Clip your nails

This is an underrated Holi 2024 tip, but one that all men should follow. It is very difficult to get rid of colours from under your nails and cuticles. It becomes even more difficult if your nails are longer. Clipping your nails and making them shorter is a simple way to make sure you can get off the colour easily. Another pre Holi skin care tip is to apply petroleum gel on your nail beds to keep the colours from staining your cuticles.

As a thumb rule, shorter nails are also more hygienic while dealing with colours. An add on pre-holi skin care tip would be to apply clear nail paint on your nails. This completely shields your nails and you can simply get rid of the Holi 2024 colour by using a nail paint remover.

Oil your Hair

While it is important to care for the skin, it is equally necessary to pay attention to your ‘pre and post’ hair care routine for Holi 2024. The colours and sun can cause damage to your hair,  making it rough, dry and brittle. Before heading out for your Holi 2024 party, make sure you apply a light layer of oil to your hair. This will protect your hair from the colour and will help you get rid of the colour easily. If you don’t want to oil your hair, you can use a hair serum. Just make sure you use more serum than you usually do. Be it a short fade or a man bun, the Garnier serum is sure to nourish and protect your hair amidst the colours. With avocado and grapeseed oil extracts, the serum keeps your hair looking fresh and charming all through, and even after, Holi 2024.

Skin & Hair Care Tips after Holi 2024

Wash that colour off

It is extremely important that you remove all the colour from your skin as soon as possible. Your after Holi skin care should focus on getting rid of all the colour without damaging your skin. Start with using a face wash that is gentle on your skin, yet effective when it comes to deep cleansing. One of the best ways to do post Holi skin care is using the Garnier Men Double Action Face Wash. It is formulated using black charcoal and icy clay complex to remove all traces of Holi colour, dust, pollution and impurities from deep within your skin. This is an ideal face wash for men, especially after Holi skin care, to cleanse your skin from deep within, without drying it out.

Serum for the win

With all the exposure to colours and the sun rays, your skin is dry and damaged. As a part of your post Holi skincare, you can use a hydrating men’s skin serum to restore any lost glow. With 5x vitamin C and menthol, the Garnier men’s serum makes for a perfect ingredient in your after Holi skin care. The men’s serum can take away any dark spots caused by sun damage while cooling your skin after any inflammation caused by colour chemicals.

Cleanse your hair

The first step for Holi 2024 hair care should be a simple shampoo. Jump into the shower and cleanse off your hair of all the colour. You may need to wash your hair a couple of times to get rid of the colour completely. This might result in the fading of your hair colour and may show your greys. And after a long day of partying, you surely don’t want to go through the hassle of colouring your greys. But this Holi hair care hack will help you get the best of both worlds. A Men’ Shampoo Color will cover your greys in just 5 minutes and is as easy to use as a shampoo. You can get 100% grey coverage and long-lasting natural looking hair colour with no prep and virtually no development time with this shampoo-based hair colour.

We can already tell that Holi 2024 is about to be a day to remember. However, toxic colours, strange stains, and hard water could give you all the wrong reasons to remember this day. So be prepared and go all out. With the right pre and post Holi skin care in store, no one can stop you from being Mr. Charm all day long. For more tips and suggestions on skincare and hair care, browse through our wide range men’s skincare and hair care blogs, and check out best-in-class products from the house of Garnier.