Winter hair color ideas Winter hair color ideas

Winter Hair Color Ideas

A nip in the weather surely calls for a change in your hair color. Refresh your look this winter with a hair transformation. As the weather gets colder, changing up your hair color is a great way to embrace the upcoming holiday season. It also helps you refresh your look, just in time for all the parties. This winter experiment with your hair color and be the talk of the town. We are here with a list of the best hair color ideas that will surely get you in the spirit of wintery cheer!

• A hint of burgundy

Nothing like warm-toned burgundy hair color to spice up your winter ensemble. While choosing a hair color for this season, adding a hint of burgundy hair color to your tresses is our top pick. The warmth of burgundy gives your appearance a very cosy look. To incorporate burgundy into your look, you can opt for warm highlights with a global dark brown hair color. This can create a beautiful myriad of burgundy and brown, adding depth and warmth to your look. If you want to opt for a bolder look, a global hair coloring style with burgundy hair color is always a good choice.

• A dash of red

Fiery and fierce, red hair color is the perfect way to make heads turn in your winter parties. Coloring your hair red in the summer can be high maintenance as sunlight causes red hair color to fade over time, resulting in brassy hair. With colder weather and early sunsets, your hair isn’t subjected to harsh sunshine. This will result in your red hair color looking vibrant and lasting for a longer time.

Red is the color of the winter, so why not add it to your hair? You can opt for lighter red hair color shades for an intense look, or go all out and add a pop of colour to your tresses with a Raspberry red. You can create beautiful looks with these shades, and surely be the talk of every winter party. If you are unsure of which hair color shade will suit you, you can use the Garnier Virtual Try On and try different shades of hair color from the comfort of your home. This tool assists you by letting you virtually try different hair color shades so you can pick one that complements you the best!

• A touch of caramel

We all love the warmth of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Bring that feeling of warmth to life by adding the perfect shade of caramel brown hair color to your hair. Tones of caramel and brown hair color add richness and warmth to your hair, which is perfect for winters. This hair color shade is perfect if you want a natural hair color transformation that will elevate your look.

If you want to give your hair a lighter appearance, you can opt for a blend of caramel and light brown hair colour. This will give you a fresher appearance and create a beautiful mocha-like look. With shades of light brown and caramel brown hair color, you can create a beautiful balayage and even incorporate streaks of dark brown hair color to strike the perfect balance.

Changing up your hair color each season is a great way to transform your appearance and get ready for the upcoming months. So this winter season, which hair color are you picking?