Right Hair Color For Your Zodiac Sign Right Hair Color For Your Zodiac Sign

Right Hair Color For Your Zodiac Sign

If you are looking to add spice to your look, getting a hair makeover is a great way to change things up. Transforming your hair color can help boost your confidence and also be a reflection of your personality. However, have you ever considered choosing your hair color based on your zodiac sign? Every zodiac sign is categorized with a set of personality traits that describe who they are. Choosing your hair color based on your zodiac sign can be a fun way to choose one of the best hair colors for women. It can add some spice to your makeover and also help you experiment with colors. We have curated a list of the best hair color options for the 12 zodiac signs. Keep on reading to find which hair color your sign gets!


A true fire sign, Aries are ambitious, bold and brave. They aren’t afraid to stand tall for things they support. This bold and fiery personality needs a hair color that can match its passion and confidence. An intense red hair color is a perfect match for people belonging to this fire sign. A bold red global hair color will be an apt reflection of the strong person that you are. The shade Intense Red from the Color naturals range is a Garnier hair color that will give you the perfect bold red color.


Taurus is an earth sign that is persevering, passionate and easygoing. This sun sign like to keep things chill and not too high maintenance. They like to maintain their aesthetic and look put together at all times. While choosing a hair color for this zodiac sign, it is important to keep these points in mind. This is why a jet black hair color shade is the perfect match. Coloring your hair black adds power to your personality. Black hair color has very little upkeep, which is why it is perfect for a Taurus. You can choose from a Garnier hair color from the Black naturals range. This hair color range has three shades of black that will help you pick the perfect shade!


This air sign is known for its dual personalities. Gemini’s are known to be outgoing, impulsive and playful. They like to keep things interesting and fun! Choosing a hair color for the sun sign has to be a reflection of these traits. A perfect color is the Garnier hair color in the shade Raspberry Red. This hair color shade is bold yet fun and fits the personality of a Gemini perfectly.


A water sign, the traits of this zodiac sign include that they are loving, protective and intuitive. They like to be in their circle and are fiercely loyal. Just like these personality traits, the perfect hair color for the sun sign Cancer is darkest brown. A dark brown hair color right up their alleyway and is one of the best hair colors for this zodiac. This hair color will add warmth to their look and give them a very natural hair color makeover.


Represented by a lion, this zodiac sign is confident, comfortable being the center of attention, ambitious, loyal, and big-hearted. True to being a fire sign, this zodiac sign needs a hair makeover to fit its traits. Just like the mane of a lion, the perfect hair color shade has to be a Garnier hair color in the shade Golden brown. This hair color will add just the right amount of golden to hair with underlying warmth of brown tones.


As an earth sign, Virgos are known to be reliable, hard-working and practical. They like to socialise with crowds but are also protective of their personal space. While choosing a color for this sign, the Garnier hair color in Light brown is the perfect pick. It is a subtle color that will add oomph to your look, but not be too in your face. This light brown hair color suits several skin tones and is universally flattering.


This air sign is a hopeless romantic at heart and at the same time is idealistic, clever and a social butterfly! Libra’s are a crowd favourite and they manage to stand out in public. These traits are perfectly reflected with the hair color shade Wine Burgundy from the Garnier hair colors range - Color Naturals. This shade of burgundy is great to transform your look while also not being too in your face.


Scorpio is a water sign that is a powerhouse. They are determined, daring, and deeply compassionate. They are complex creatures that like to experiment and be adventurous. For this zodiac, a deep hair color shade of Plum Red is a match made in heaven. With this hair color, you will surely stand out of the crowd and venture out of your comfort zone.


Saggitarius is a sun sign that is curious, energetic and outgoing. They are intensely passionate and enjoy being spontaneous. This fire sign loves to be approachable and loved by all. A hair color that is perfect for them is a neutral black hair color. It gives a powerful look while being a great option for a natural hair color shade.


This earth sign loves to be disciplined and realistic. They are humorous, nurturing, ambitious and radiate warmth. The hair color shade Caramel brown is perfect for Capricorn’s as it mirrors their personality. The color is vibrant while being subdued, which is the nature of this zodiac.


An air sign, this zodiac is funny, self-reliant, clever, exceptional, and optimistic. They like to blend into the crowd, but also manage to grab attention at the same time. To match their quirky personality, a hair color shade like the Garnier hair color in the shade Burgundy is apt. It is an experimental color that isn’t too bold or loud. Burgundy hair color is a great hair color for this zodiac as it reflects their eccentric personality!


The last constellation of the zodiac, Pisces is a water sign. This sign has a complex personality and they are extremely emotional, dreamy and selfless. They blend into new crowds seamlessly and are loved by all. The perfect hair color for them is the classic and good ol’ shade of Brown. This shade gives a very natural hair color and is one of the best hair color options for this zodiac.

There you have it, a detailed guide on hair color options based on your zodiac. So what are you waiting for? It is time to change up your hair!