Independence Day Hairstyles - 2022 Independence Day Hairstyles - 2022

Independence Day Hairstyles – Independence Day 2022

Celebrating each event is surely an Indian tradition. However, the festive season in India begins on a patriotic note. 15th August is celebrated as Independence day across the nation. People of all age groups dress up in their best attire and are ready with their patriotism. This gives you the perfect excuse to pull out your white outfit and look stunning as ever. But this year, add some glam to your look with a beautiful hairstyle for Independence day. Just doing your hair adds elegance and elevates your look tri-fold! We are here with four Independence day hairstyles that you just cannot skip out on!

1. Dutch braid

Braids and traditional outfits are a match made in heaven. Make this Independence day special and add some pizazz to your regular braid. A dutch braid is the perfect hairstyle for Independence day as it is quick, yet looks chic. Start with applying some hair serum to your damp hair. This will add shine and nourish your locks. Next, make three sections around your hairline. Cross the right section with the middle one and the left one under the previously crossed section. Doing this step right is most important as it is what makes a dutch braid. Once you get this right, keep repeating this and add a new section each time. Continue braiding your hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure the braid with a hair tie. You can also tug at your braid slightly to create a slightly messy Independence day hairstyle.

2. Loose and messy bun

If you’re in a rush, no other hairstyle looks as chic as a loose and messy bun. Add some elegance to your Independence day hairstyle with a perfectly messy bun. Start by washing your hair with a nourishing shampoo and deep conditioning hair mask. This will ensure your hair has some volume to it, which will elevate your messy bun. Part your hair from the middle and tie the lengths of your hair into a loose bun. Pull out face-framing pieces for the perfect effortless messy bun!

3. Waterfall hairstyle

If you want your hair to flow, this is the perfect Independence day hairstyle for you. A waterfall hairstyle pairs wonderfully with ethnic wear, while still looking youthful. Start by using your nourishing banana hair mask as a leave-in conditioner. This will ensure your hair doesn’t get frizzy when left open. Take a section of hair from each side of your temple and start braiding it. Pin the ends of both your braids under a section of hair at the back. You can tug at the braids a little to make them look messy. This simple hairstyle for Independence day will take you just two minutes, but surely steal the show!

4. Sleek bun

If you are aiming for a sleek look, nothing is classier than a sleek bun. Start by doing your hair care routine with shampoo and a hydrating conditioner. It is important to have manageable hair, as you don’t want your sleek bun to look out of place. For this Independence day special look, start by applying serum to your hair. Comb the hair around your crown region and give it a sleek and tight look. Tie a ponytail and wrap it around to make it look like a bun. You can also use a hair bun for a more clean look. Secure it with bobby pins. Add some fresh flowers around your bun to make it the perfect hairstyle for Independence day.

These Independence day hairstyles are sure to make you look like a total diva! Use the Garnier hair care products to nourish your hair and pamper them.