How To Get Ombre Hair At Home How To Get Ombre Hair At Home

How To Get Ombre Hair At Home

A very popular hair color trend in 2021 is the ombre hair trend. It has an evergreen hair color style that is simple to do and suits every hair type. The best part about ombre hair is that it is very low maintenance. If you have globally colored hair, you need to touch up the roots from time to time, to keep your hair color fresh looking. This is probably one of the main reasons for the popularity of this hair color for women. We are here to help you achieve the perfect ombre from the comfort of your home and jump on to the bandwagon.

Before you take out your hair color supplies, let’s understand the two most popular types of ombre hair colors and how we can replicate each of them.

1. A traditional ombre

This ombre is when your roots are darker, and the ends of your hair are lighter. The lengths of your hair gradually become lighter towards the end. The colors in a traditional ombre gradually merge from one shade to the next. While choosing a color for your traditional ombre, we would recommend you to choose brown hair color shades. Shades of brown are universally flattering and are perfect for a natural-looking ombre. If you have virgin dark hair, brown hair color will show up even without bleaching it. People with dark hair can get a very natural hair color by venturing into shades of brown.

If you are looking for a hair color range with several shades of brown the Garnier Color Naturals Range is the perfect pick. You can choose from light brown, golden brown, caramel brown, darkest brown and several other shades. If you want your ombre to be noticeable, you opt for light brown hair color. If you want your ombre to be more muted, you can choose a dark brown hair color.

How to achieve a traditional ombre

  • Part your hair in the middle and start sectioning your hair. Create 4-6 sections depending on the thickness of your hair and secure each section with a hair tie.
  • After sectioning your hair, slightly backcomb your hair around the area where you want the ombre to begin. This helps the ombre to look more natural, instead of having harsh lines.
  • Start applying the color of your choice to the lengths of your hair.
  • At first, apply an even layer of hair color to the lengths. After you have done this, concentrate more color on the ends of your hair. This helps you achieve a beautiful gradient that goes from dark to light.
  • Now it is time to wait. Let the color stay on your hair as per the time recommended on the box.
  • After about 25 minutes, take a small section of your hair and wipe off the dye. If your hair is of the shade you want it to be, rinse your hair thoroughly. If you want it to be more intense, you can leave the color on for 10-15 minutes more.

2. A dip dye ombre

The other most popular variant of ombre hair color is the dip dye ombre. While a traditional ombre is a gradual fading dark to light, in a dip dye ombre your hair shifts from your natural hair color, to the color of your choice straightaway. With a dip dye ombre, you can experiment with bolder and more fun shades. You can experiment with poppy reds and different shades of dark burgundy hair color as well.

If you’re leaning towards dip dyeing your hair red, you can choose from different red shades available in the Garnier Color Naturals Range. If you want a pop of red, choose a bright raspberry red. If you are looking for something deeper, you can opt for a more plum red shade. While dip dying your hair, if you want a brighter color you will have to bleach your hair.

How to achieve a dip dye ombre

  • After you have chosen your desired hair color, start by sectioning your hair.
  • Make small sections of hair you want to dip dye and tie a hair tie to mark the line.
  • Start applying your hair color to the length you want to color.
  • Use a comb to brush through your colored hair. This will help you evenly distribute the color.
  • Leave the color on for 25-30 minutes or as per the instructions on the box.
  • Rinse thoroughly. And voila! You have beautiful dip dyed hair.