Hairstyles for red hair Hairstyles for red hair

Hairstyles for red hair

We all know the power of hair color. It can completely transform your look! While all hair color shades are beautiful, red hair color is a notch higher. If you’ve colored your tresses in a shade of fiery red, we’re sure you love them. However, it is time to further elevate your look and experiment with the perfect hairstyles for red hair. These hairstyles are simple, yet transform the appearance of your hair.

1. Beachy waves

A great way to add the oomph factor to your fiery tresses is by doing textured hairstyles for red hair. Adding texture to red hair gives your mane volume and also elevates its appearance. One of the simplest and most favourite ways of adding texture to your hair is by doing beach waves. Beach waves are a great red hairstyle for almost every event! They look great for a fancy party and even for a casual day out.

To attain perfect beachy waves for your red tresses, it is important to start with fresh and clean hair. Using a mild, sulphate-free shampoo will ensure your red hair color doesn’t bleed too much. After you have washed and conditioned your hair with a nourishing conditioner, let it air dry. Once your hair is 80% dry, start braiding them into dutch braids. Let it sit for a few hours to reveal a beautiful beachy wave hairstyle for red hair. If you want something quicker, you can also use a styling tool to get beachy waves.

2. Space buns

If you want a youthful and peppy red hairstyle, space buns are perfect. They pair well with red hair as it adds volume and highlights your hair color. Space buns look great for a concert or even a Sunday brunch. It is super simple to create space buns and they look great on everyone!

Start by applying some lightweight serum to the lengths of your hair and detangle them. Part your hair from the centre and make two big sections of your hair. Tie your hair into two high pigtails. Next, you can simply wrap your hair around your hair tie and pin it securely. For a more fun space bun look, you can braid your hair and then wrap it into buns. Pull out a few face-framing pieces and you’ll have a great hairstyle for red hair!

3. A long bob

If you are bored with your hair, why not experiment with red hair color and a long bob? A long bob haircut looks especially flattering on red hair. It lets the color shine while looking stunning! A long bob is longer in the front and shorter in the back, which will elongate the appearance of your face. This haircut also gives you the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles for red hair.

4. Sleek ponytail

A sleek ponytail is always a super classy hairstyle. It is elevated further when you have tresses that have deep red hair color. This hairstyle for red hair subtly draws attention to your color and looks stunning. A sleek ponytail for your deep red hair looks great on every occasion. Simply use some leave-in conditioner to tame your baby hair and comb your hair into a sleek ponytail.

While red hair is striking on its own, it looks amazing when styled well. If you are looking to color your hair red, you can choose from the range of Garnier hair colors. They deliver rich pigment to your tresses while nourishing them from within. You can also use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool to virtually try out different shades of hair colors and pick the one you like!