Best Brown Hair Color Shade For Your Skin Tone Best Brown Hair Color Shade For Your Skin Tone

Best Brown Hair Color Shades For Your Skin Tone

Whoever said brown is boring clearly did not know what they were talking about. From sun-kissed golden browns to delicious shades of mocha and chocolate, there is so much you can do with brown hair color shades. If this is your first time experimenting with this versatile and universally flattering color, here is a quick little guide that will help you pick the best brown hair color for your skin tone.

Identify your undertone

Before you begin adding brown hair coloring kits to your cart, you need to understand your skin’s undertone. Skin tone or skin color is what you see on the surface, but your undertone is what gives your complexion a pinkish or yellow-ish hue from within.

And if all of this sounds too confusing, don’t worry, it’s actually super easy. Here is how you can quickly figure out your undertone in just 5 seconds -

  • If the veins on the insides of your wrist appear green or olive, you have a warm undertone
  • If your veins are blue with hints of purple or red, you have a cool undertone
  • If determining the color of your veins feels challenging and you see a little bit of both, you have a neutral undertone

Now that you know how to identify your undertone, let’s dive into finding the best brown hair color shade that will complement your skin tone and undertone

Fair and light

If you have a fair or light complexion with a cool undertone, a light brown hair color like the Garnier Color Naturals Shade 5 Light Brown will add a touch of sophistication to your style without looking too over the top. For people with warm undertones, shades of golden brown will bring out the warmth in your complexion. Try the Garnier Color Naturals Shade 7.3 Golden Brown to create a subtle contrast against your skin while still adding enough depth and dimension.

Medium and olive

If your skin tone lies somewhere between fair and deep, you might just be in luck since almost all brown hair color options complement your complexion perfectly. Caramel brown hair color shades like the Garnier Color Naturals Shade 5.32 Caramel Brown add a healthy glow to medium skin tones with warm, golden undertones. If you have a medium or olive skin tone with a cool undertone, experiment with dark brown hair colors like the Garnier Color Naturals Shade 4 Brown to enhance your skin tone and undertone and add a touch of luxury to your look.

Deep and dark

For people with a darker skin tone and warm undertones, rich natural dark brown hair color shades like the Garnier Color Naturals Shade 3 Darkest Brown will add intense drama to your mane, reminiscent of  cup of freshly ground espresso. If you have a cool undertone, revamp your look with the brown black hair colour shade that almost looks black but has soft undertones of brown. The Garnier Men Shampoo Hair Color Shade 3.0 Brown Black will flatter your undertone while enhancing the depth in your skin tone.

While this short brown hair color guide should give you a good idea about all the different brown shades that you can play around with, sometimes, just reading about it is not enough. Before you commit to a hair color, it’s best to test it out virtually to make sure you it looks just as good on you as it does on paper. The Garnier Virtual Try On tool allows you to experiment with all the different brown hair color shades from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer a natural brown hair color shade or want to transform your look with a more dramatic hue, find your perfect shade with the Virtual Try On tool!