10 Hairstyles For Dark Hair That You Can Pull Off With Ease 10 Hairstyles For Dark Hair That You Can Pull Off With Ease

10 Hairstyles For Dark Hair That You Can Pull Off With Ease

Having dark, black hair is one of the hottest trends today. Black hair is a classic and striking hair colour choice that suits anyone and everyone. This sophisticated and alluring hair colour also adds dimension to your overall appearance. However, an easy way to elevate your hair colour and embrace your dark hair is by trying unique hairstyles for dark hair. Not sure how to do so? Don’t worry as we’re here to help. Here are some hairstyles for dark hair that you need to explore to take your hair game up a notch right now.

Hairstyles for dark hair

1. Front bangs

Keeping your hair loose is one of the best ways to show it off. You can display your natural hair texture by leaving your hair loose and glam up your dark hairstyle with front bangs.

2. Sleek ponytail

Looking for a quick, easy, and effortless way to level up your hair? Try a sleek ponytail which can be done in less than two minutes. Apply a heat protectant serum to keep your sleek hairstyle for dark hair in place.

3. Messy bun

The best part of this hairstyle for dark hair is that it can be created anytime and anywhere and there’s rarely anything you need to do. Just take all of your hair and tie it up at your crown, without having to perfect it.

4. Braid

A braid is a real saviour if you have frizzy or greasy hair. This hairstyle for dark hair will keep your strands looking stylish and mess-free all the time. To achieve this hairstyle on the go, use a leave-in conditioner to control frizz and hydrate your hair before you start styling.

5. Loose curls

Use your hair rollers and begin to roll from your forehead. All you need to do is comb through a section of your hair as wide as the roller. Don’t consider it more than two inches thick. Then, hold that section away from your head and place the hair roller at the end of your hair. Start rolling towards the scalp and secure with clips. Leave the hair open after some time and flaunt your heatless curls in style.

6. Scarfed hair

Wear a scarf or hair band and tuck your hair behind. Then, leave your natural hair open or tie a ponytail to define your facial features.

7. Half bun

Take half of your hair from the crown and tie it up in a bun. Pull out some strands to make it look a little natural and messy. Leave the rest of your hair open.

8. Side pony

Unlike the usual pony, take all your hair and tie a pony to the left or right side of your hair. This is the perfect daytime hairstyle that you can achieve with ease.

9. Puffed hair

Take a small section of your front hair and pull it back on your head. Don’t leave it looking flat, puff it up and use a tiny pin to secure your hair. Then, tie a pony or leave the rest of your hair loose.

10. Banded pony

This hairstyle for dark hair looks cute on any woman. A simple way to achieve this dark hairstyle is by combing the hair into a high pony and then creating the second pony lower on the scalp. After attaching the two, follow the same process once more till you have three ponytails connected by a bubble of hair. Finish off by adding rubber bands in gaps of a few inches till you reach the end of your hair. Shampoo and condition your hair well before starting.

Try the above-mentioned hairstyles for dark hair and browse through a wide range of Garnier haircare products to keep your dark hair soft, supple, shiny, and healthy all the time!