How To Prevent Hair Breakage How To Prevent Hair Breakage

7 Tips On How To Prevent Hair Breakage With Ease

Hair breakage is one of the most common hair problems these days and anybody can experience it, irrespective of their hair type. And from your lifestyle habits to your bad hair care practices, there are various factors responsible for hair breakage. We understand that nothing is worse than trying to achieve the hair of your dreams, only to continually hit a roadblock due to constant hair breakage. However, take this article as your silver lining to avoid hair breakage and flaunt healthy, shiny and soft hair effortlessly. Sometimes, reducing hair breakage can feel too difficult, but following the basics and giving your hair some extra care, attention, and love it needs can really turn the tables. Read on as we discuss how to prevent hair breakage and inch closer to the hair of your dreams.

How To Prevent Hair Breakage

1. Focus shampoo on the scalp

The right way to wash your hair is to focus the gentle shampoo on your scalp instead of the entire hair length. Rinsing the shampoo out will clean the ends by themselves. This will help you get rid of dirt, dust, debris, and impurities from your scalp while reducing hair breakage. Not sure how this will work? Don’t worry as we’ve got your back. Focusing shampoo on the scalp will prevent your hair from getting tangled and hence, you won’t have to brush it as much, which in turn will help you avoid hair breakage. 

2. Don’t wash your hair frequently

Washing your hair surely helps prevent hair breakage and hair loss as it keeps your scalp and strands clean and prevents infections that might pave the way for such hair woes. However, frequently washing or over-washing your hair can also be dangerous for your mane as it can strip off the natural oils and moisture from your hair, leading to hair breakage. So, if you wash your hair every alternate day, switch to washing it once in three days. For reducing hair breakage, we’d recommend using a strengthening shampoo and lukewarm water.

3. Oil your hair regularly

Oiling helps tame your dry, frizzy, dull, and unruly hair to make it softer, shinier, and more manageable. It also helps in reducing hair breakage and promotes hair growth. Heat any natural oil, but ensure that it is not too hot. Gently massage it into your scalp and leave it for an hour or two before shampooing to avoid hair breakage. 

4. Stop bleaching your hair

Bleaching makes the hair more prone to breakage. This is because bleaching removes the natural pigment of the hair and in the process changes the structure of your hair. What’s more, the presence of harsh chemicals makes the hair more vulnerable to damage and breakage. Instead, use a nourishing hair colour without ammonia to cover the greys with ease and avoid hair breakage. 

5. Dry your hair naturally

Limit the use of heat styling tools like hairdryers, curlers, straighteners, etc., as they weaken the locks by breaking down the hair proteins. Constant heating and drying can lead to brittleness. A great way of reducing hair breakage is to let your hair dry naturally. Also, avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel to soak up excess water as the material of your towel and friction can cause hair breakage too. Rather, use an old cotton T-shirt and wrap it around your hair. Be gentle, blot your hair instead of rubbing it. In case you are in a rush and have to use a hairdryer, follow it up with a heat protectant serum to smoothen the hair without heaviness and prevent breakage and split ends. 

6. Drink lots of water

Wondering how to prevent hair breakage naturally? Remember, hydrated hair is healthy hair and healthy hair doesn’t break easily. Make sure that you drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day. This will not only avoid hair breakage but also help you achieve glowing, healthy, and supple skin.

7. Use a hair mask

While using a hydrating conditioner after every hair wash is a must, you should also pamper your hair by including a nourishing hair mask in your weekly hair care routine. The potent ingredients in a hair mask target issues such as breakage, dandruff, and more, and help you protect your hair just in a few uses. This can make a huge difference and act as a game-changer when it comes to preventing hair breakage. 

Now that you know how to prevent hair breakage, go ahead and give your hair the love and nourishment it needs. Also, keep browsing through our wide range of Garnier hair care products and hair care tips to avoid hair breakage and get strong, healthy, and shiny hair all the time!