What is retinol eye cream and what are its benefits for tired, dry eyes? What is retinol eye cream and what are its benefits for tired, dry eyes?

What is retinol eye cream and what are its benefits for tired, dry eyes?

Did your grandma ever tell you eating carrots would make you able to see in the dark? Turns out, Granny knew a thing or two about natural ingredients! Carrots are rich in retinol, also known as vitamin A, which is good for healthy eyesight. That’s what’s behind the fact that retinol eye creams are a great way to care for the delicate skin around your eyes.

##What is retinol eye cream?##

It’s not so much the carrot connection that make retinol eye creams an important part of your skin regime. It’s more about the vitamin A and super-concentrated emollients working together to create a nourishing and renewing treatment for the skin around your eyes. The skin there is thinner, and therefore more sensitive, than on the rest of your face. It’s also one of the more frequently-moving areas of your face, making it more susceptible to lines and ageing.

The vitamin A derived from retinol eye creams has the effect of increasing skin cell renewal and encouraging the production of collagen. This accelerates the natural process of skin rejuvenation. The nourishing oils and emollients provide an extra boost of hydration while being sensitive enough to use on that especially delicate area. It might seem almost unfair that the area around the eyes should get all the attention! But it’s worth it: it really does need it.

##3 benefits of retinol eye cream##

+Reduces the appearance of fine lines+

Thanks to the rejuvenating and plumping powers of vitamin A, your skin will show fewer key signs of ageing. The renewed surface of the skin shows fewer fine lines, skin tone is smoothed and skin texture is evened out for a fresh, revitalised look.

+Hydrates and nourishes the skin+

Cell renewal is only half the battle: you also need to make sure your skin stays nourished and hydrated. Keeping it hydrated helps to reduce the signs of ageing, so your skin looks healthy and glowing from dawn ‘til dusk.

+Specially formulated to be gentle to the sensitive eye area+

Because this area is super sensitive, it’s important to use ingredients that are both gentle and nourishing. Many regular moisturisers are too heavy or irritating to use on the eye area, but retinol eye creams are perfect for achieving this balance.

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