How to care for your skin on long flights: our guide to must-have plane products How to care for your skin on long flights: our guide to must-have plane products

How to care for your skin on long flights: our guide to must-have plane products

As much as we love a good holiday abroad, long-haul flights can leave the skin looking dull, tired and dehydrated. It’s important to indulge in some serious TLC after (or even during) long flights to avoid lacklustre skin upon arrival. Taking care of the skin on your face is important at all ages, especially when travelling.

##How to keep your skin looking radiant on long flights##

+Step 1: Pre-hydrate with a moisture-rich face mask+

Masks provide a deep cleanse and take care of clogged pores, making your skin less prone to breakouts, and they’re a great way to prepare for a taxing flight. That means you’ll head off any dryness before it has a chance to get started. Garnier’s Hydrabomb Pomegranate Hydrating Sheet Mask leaves you with fresh, radiant skin, or you can try the Garnier Hydra Bomb Green Tea Serum Sheet Mask, which contains green tea for an extra-gentle, soothing experience. The Garnier Mix Hyaluronic Acid Serum Sheet Mask, designed to re-plump and rejuvenate smooth dry skin, while the Garnier Fresh Mix Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask will hydrate and brighten your complexion – a luxurious treat after a long day of travelling.

+Step 2: Pack a face mist in your carry-on+

This innovation making waves all over the beauty world is especially convenient for aeroplanes. Spritz moisture directly to your skin as you fly, keeping your skin moisturised and preventing it from creating extra sebum, the skin’s natural oil that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. A quick spritz every few hours should suffice to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

+Step 3: Stay topped up with water+

Along with keeping your skin moisturised, it’s vital to keep your body hydrated – this one may seem obvious but, even in our daily lives, most of us probably don't drink enough water. When you're flying, it's especially important to make sure you're drinking water regularly in order to counteract the dehydrating effects of the pressurised cabin.

+Step 4: Get some rejuvenating shut-eye+

We all have great intentions when it comes to getting a decent amount of sleep on long-haul flights. In reality, aeroplanes often offer plenty of distractions that disrupt our plans. Four films later and we're landing wild-eyed and sleep-deprived at our holiday destination. So, remember to switch off for some much-needed sleep to make sure you arrive with rejuvenated skin.

##Why do you need to take extra care of your skin when flying?##

While we’d all love to arrive at our final destinations with clear, bright complexions, the fact is that the science of flying is working against us. The pressurised cabin of a plane sucks the moisture out of your skin, recycled air can be drying and being stationary for long periods can cause fluid puffiness around the eyes – not to mention travel stress, which takes its toll on both mind and body! This is why understanding your skin and taking care of it is very important.