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The ingredient lowdown: does almond oil and coconut oil fade hair colour?

There’s no denying it: the world has gone nuts for nut oils! It seems there’s nothing these moisture-rich fruits aren’t good for, whether it’s a hydrating hair treatment, a thirst-quenching post-gym drink or a tasty treat. But exactly what are almond oil and coconut oil good for? Do they really nourish hair, or just make it look shiny? Do almond and coconut oils fade hair colour, or protect it? Here’s your quick guide to this popular treatment.

##Hydration station##

These natural ingredients have a super-hydrating influence on your hair. This makes it an ideal component of a pre-dye colour treatment – perfect for achieving a vibrant colour. Massaging a coconut oil and almond oil hair mask into your scalp gives you a luxurious moisture boost , and will nourish your hair from root to tip.

##Tame the frizz##

Coconut and almond oil’s reputation as a frizzy hair tamer is well known in the beauty world, and it works a treat on hair that’s at risk from brittleness after bleaching. Post-dye treatments like the Garnier Ultra Doux Hair Oil featuring almond and coconut oil lock moisture in and keep the frizz at bay.

##Stand the heat##

Sun is a major culprit in colour fade, and almond and coconut oil for hair can help to maintain your shade when you’re in the sun. It works as a protective barrier and has a natural SPF of 4-5, which shields your pigment from the sun’s rays and keeps hair from drying out in the heat.

So, there you have it! It’s no myth: products containing almond and coconut oil really are the solution to a whole range of coloured hair woes, and can actually prevent fade rather than speed it up. Oh, and it smells incredible, too!