Garnier Hair coloring Tips Garnier Hair coloring Tips

How to get hair color off your face? See our 5 easy steps

Coloring your hair is one of those pampering, me-time occasions made all the better by the anticipation of seeing your beautiful new hair colour. If you’re new to the process, have a look at the How-To videos on Garnier’s YouTube channel to see just how easy it is. Need some more help? Read these handy guides on How to dye your own hair at home using a hair colour kit or 5 tips to have a nice and easy hair colour session at home. Sometimes though, little mishaps can occur. Even ammonia free hair colours can stain your skin; otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to do its job. Here are five simple steps for putting it right.

##1. Preparation and prevention to minimise mishaps##

Whether you’re just re-touching your roots and refreshing your hair colour with the Garnier Black Naturals or trying a new shade with Garnier Color Naturals prepare by having the products you may need at hand in case of little spills. As a prevention, you can apply a moisturiser around your hairline but if there are still some color stains, getting hair dye off your face is a lot simpler when you have everything ready and within easy reach. So, in addition to an old towel around your shoulders and disposable gloves on your hands, line up a little action set. This should include plenty of makeup removal pads, soap, an exfoliating face wash, an oil-based cleanser and moisturiser.

##2. Speed is of the essence##

Naturally, you should use a damp flannel to clean away any stray dye that gets on to your face around your hairline, ears or hands as soon as you see it. This may not remove it completely but will minimise the stain. It’s after rinsing, conditioning and drying your hair that you will really notice any problems. Put your recovery plan into action fast.

##3. Soap and water, the universal solvent#

The first line of defence is simple soap and water. Use your normal face wash and rub the area with damp fingers gently but firmly for a minute and then rinse. This will reduce the stain significantly and should always be your first line of defence for getting hair dye off your face. The same principle applies to hair-color-related accidents on clothing. Soak in water first, and then pre-treat with a stain-removing detergent and wash in the normal way.

##4. Next, an exfoliating scrub##

An exfoliating scrub is designed to gently remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin clear and free from surface and deep-down impurities. Used as soon as possible after the soap and water treatment, it will remove the dry cells that have absorbed the hair colour, leaving clean skin underneath.

##5. Finally, an oil-based cleanser and overnight moisturising##

If some of the stain still remains on your skin, massage thoroughly with an oil-based cleanser. This will help to soften and lift any remaining traces. To make absolutely sure, follow up with a rich moisturising mask applied liberally and left on overnight. You’ll wake up to your lovely new hair shade and clear skin with no tell-tale signs!

Follow these five tips when you decide to change things up with a fab new look with the Color Naturals range or a more subtle shade that’s great for covering those greys with Black Naturals. Whatever your choice of formula, you can proceed with confidence now that you know how to get hair color off your face – you can simply focus on the fun!