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You’re one selfie away from glowing skin


Take a selfie to scan your face and get a personalized routine for your skin type and needs based on the 5/6 signs of healthy skin below.

20 years of research and a database of 15.000 faces power our patented AI so you can unlock your glow with a single selfie. Powerful technology, easy to use, for personalized results based on your skin.

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The 5 Signs Of Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is made up of 5/6 signs that work together. Our nine-time patented technology gives you an in-depth evaluation of each of these signs from your selfie, so you’ll understand your strengths and how to get a healthy glowing skin!
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Skincare made easy
Garnier Skin Coach AI is here to guide you through all the tools you need to succeed on your skincare journey. It will give you personalized product recommendations, key ingredients and tips to unlock your healthy glow.

A tailor-made routine
Garnier Skin Coach AI will set you up with a tailor-made routine so you can glow-up your skin, no matter your skin tone, type, or gender. We all have different skin needs, and Skin Coach AI has a personalized solution for each of us.