Top 7 Micellar Water Benefits Top 7 Micellar Water Benefits

Top 7 Micellar Water Benefits That Will Make You Want To Use It Right Now

When you think of quick face cleansing products or methods, one thing that surely pops up in your minds is micellar water. Be it removing impurities from the face or keeping it free of makeup residue, micellar water does each skin cleansing task with great care. However, the micellar water benefits aren’t limited to solely cleansing or removing makeup, this skin cleansing tool offers multi-faceted advantages when used correctly. In this piece, we have listed down a wide range of benefits of using micellar water. Learn more to tap into the hidden assets of micellar water.

Micellar water benefits

Why use micellar water, you ask? Let us tell you! But before that, you must know what is micellar water exactly. Micellar water is formed with non-soap cleansing agents called micelles which acts like magnets to pluck out oil, impurities, and makeup trapped under the skin. The skin barrier remains intact and in good health as no rubbing or tugging is required while using this product. Now that you know about micellar water, you are ready to unearth the various micellar water benefits.

• Cleanses the skin

Micellar water can be used as a face cleanser. Yes, you read it right. Micellar water is that beauty water that has proved its efficacy in thoroughly cleansing the skin without compromising the skin barrier. Micellar cleanser water helps remove dirt, makeup, and oil for up to 100%. Additionally, this magic water clears invisible dirt like SPF residue and makes sure no residue (be it makeup or SPF) is trapped under the skin. 

• Brightens skin & offers anti-pollution benefits

You can flaunt radiant skin by using micellar water. The Vitamin C micellar water is one of the types of micellar water that helps you achieve bright skin even while cleansing your precious skin. Micellar cleansing water benefits include providing anti-pollution care as well. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and one of the powerful active ingredients that protects the skin from environmental enemies like pollution.

• Helps nurture clear skin

Clear and thoroughly cleansed skin helps hold your eternal battle against acne for a long time. Clogged pores lead to acne and angry-looking pimples. Hence, your primary task would be ensuring the pores aren’t getting clogged. Here, micellar water can come to the rescue and let you have clear skin effortlessly. The tiny molecules of micellar water make sure zero residue is left on the skin which means you can achieve optimally clear skin after one swipe with micellar water.

• Boosts skin hydration

Micellar water benefits the skin by boosting its hydration level. The majority of micellar water contains hydrating ingredients like glycerine. These water-boosting compounds keep the skin hydrated and make sure the skin’s natural barrier function is running optimally. You can get hydration for up to 12 hour by using micellar cleansing water. 

• No-rinsing formula

Wondering what other micellar water benefits are in store for you? To save you from the trouble of rinsing while traveling or before layering makeup for the second time in a day, micellar water comes with a no-rinsing formula. To be precise, you can cleanse your face with micellar water without rinsing your face - a quality that makes it one of the most recommended travel-friendly skin cleansers and makeup removers.

• Easy to use

Pour, press, and swipe – and you are done cleansing your face with micellar water! You don’t need to use water or rub your face rigorously even when removing stubborn makeup. Isn’t it amazing! This feature makes it an easily doable first step of double cleansing.

• Suitable for all skin types

Whether you have dry, oily, or dull skin, you can use micellar water. Even people with sensitive skin can enjoy micellar water benefits. This magic cleansing water boasts no-alcohol, no-fragrance formula which cleanses and gifts you clear skin without causing any irritation.  

We hope, the above-mentioned sections have clarified why you should use micellar water and why micellar water should be a crucial part of your everyday skincare ritual. Now that you know the various micellar water benefits, choose one as per your need. There are different types of micellar waters for various purposes. For instance, oil-infused bi-phase micellar water is used for stubborn makeup removal, vitamin C micellar for bright skin, etc. In search of more tips and product recommendations? Browse through the Garnier skincare products and skincare tips to get clean, clear, and healthy skin in no time.