Top 5 Makeup Removal Skin Care Hacks To Upgrade Your Beauty Game Top 5 Makeup Removal Skin Care Hacks To Upgrade Your Beauty Game

Top 5 Makeup Removal Skin Care Hacks To Upgrade Your Beauty Game

Even the best of us cannot resist stepping out without putting some makeup on. And after a day full of glam and glitter, taking off makeup at the end of the night is a hassle most of us don’t want to face. Cutting corners on this end of the day routine can cause maximum damage to your skin. Letting cakey layers of makeup sit on your face all night long might lead to clogged pores, acne rashes, irritated eyes, and even faster aging. To avoid these skin nightmares while still having your glam on, it's important to understand how to remove makeup.

Skin care hacks to remove makeup correctly

• Invest in a Gentle Micellar Water

All types of makeup users, seasoned or rookies, will swear by an effective micellar cleansing water for taking off makeup. A gentle micellar cleanser can be used to remove both, the heavy layers of makeup alongside the pollutants from your face. If you have a dry skin type choose a micellar cleansing water for sensitive skin that will keep you hydrated for long periods of time. If your skin tends to look after removing makeup, then using a vitamin infused micellar water might be a great place to start too. Containing dirt attracting micelles, cleansing water smoothly removes all buildup and makeup from your face. This takes away the need to scrub aggressively and saves you and your skin the irritation.

• Use an Oil-based Cleanser

Come rain, come wind, come sweat - we ensure our flawless look stays on. This era of waterproof makeup has been a saviour to many. Nevertheless, it has left most of us wondering how to remove makeup when water doesn’t work. This is when an oil-based cleansing water comes in handy. Oil cleansing smoothly dissolves the waterproof makeup, leaving no residue behind. Using oil cleansers allows you to take off the strong makeup with a single swipe, preventing any irritation to the skin.

• Cleanse twice

If you tend to have larger pores that collect residue and dirt, it's best to take no chances. Cleanse your face twice while taking off makeup. This ensures that no buildup stays behind through the night. Make sure that your second cleanser is a light water based or gel based face wash. This will clear your pores without taking away a lot of moisture from your face.

• Ditch scrubbing

All of us have the urge to scrub away every last remnant on our face but it's not the correct way to remove makeup. This practice happens to bring more harm to your skin. Aggressive scrubbing and washing might irritate and inflame your skin, leading to rashes. And all this effort might not be taking off makeup at all. The process also strips away the natural moisture of your face, leaving you with dry and flaky skin. To avoid this situation, use effective cleansing products such as micellar water and oil based cleansers which clear all impurities in a single go.

• Swabs, rolls, and pads

While makeup wipes seem oh so convenient, they might not get to the depth of your pores and remove all residue. Using micellar water with soft cotton pads or small cotton rolls can guarantee thorough cleansing on days you don heavy makeup. You can even use soft cotton swabs with micellar water for taking off makeup from the corner of your eyes, and cleanse away every drop of makeup.

Equipped with all the know-how to remove makeup, you can now foster these life hacks into your usual night time skin care routines. To find brightening serums and gentle face washes that help your makeup removal, head onto the Garnier Skin Naturals range. Additionally, browse through our skincare tips to get the best suggestions and advice on flaunting healthy, glowing skin all day, every day.