Surprising uses of micellar water you wish you knew before Surprising uses of micellar water you wish you knew before

Surprising uses of micellar water you wish you knew before

In an era of extensive skin care, where there’s a bottle for every rash, spot, or a pimple, all we wish for is a single effective product that would magically take away most of our skin worries. The strangest part is that we’ve been carrying this product in our handbags all along yet most of us are not even aware of the many uses of micellar cleansing water. While some of us only recognise it by the name of a ‘makeup remover’, this deep cleansing water goes beyond and has several other benefits that propel you closer to your dewy skin dreams.

If you wish to transform your skincare routine on a budget, the micellar cleansing water is the answer to most of your problems. Here are the many versatile uses of micellar water:

1. Hydrating face cleanser

Many of us have been foraging around for a perfect face wash or a face cleanser. Clearing our face usually leaves it devoid of any moisture. Thankfully, many count on micellar cleansing water for a perfect harmony. One of the best and most common uses of micellar water is as a face cleanser. The water based cleanser has dirt attracting micelles. These micelles bind with all the minute pollutants that usually don’t come off with a simple soap and water rinse.

Giving your skin daily uses of micellar water can keep it free from dirt, build up, residue, and even invisible pollutants that often clog your pores. Using the micellar water in your nighttime skincare routine keeps your face clean through the night and reduces any chances of acne breakouts. Since micellar water is made up of a gentle, water based formula, it retains and locks your skin’s moisture for long hours too.

2. Travel buddy

You might have forced yourselves to accept that skincare needs to take a backseat while traveling. A journey, a camping trip, or even a long commute might mean pimples, rashes, or dullness. Thankfully, things need not be so with a micellar cleansing water. Since the foamless product needs no need of rinsing, it can be very well used as a handy cleanser. It is very easy to figure out how to use micellar cleansing water on the go.

You simply need to pour sufficient product onto a cotton pad and gently rub it on the areas you wish to cleanse. Then with a single swipe you can get rid of all the dirt and pollutants which might otherwise bring down your skin. With these handy uses of micellar water, you can glow on the go!

3. Double cleanser

With Asian beauty secrets like hydration techniques  taking over the world, you can benefit from the cleansing  properties of micellar water. As one of the most gentle face cleansers available, the micellar water can be used for all skin types - dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin type. Unlike many other harsh face washes, micellar water does not take away from your skin’s natural moisture. This is a very important step for double cleansing that involves rigorous cleaning of your face. Deep cleansing is one of the best uses of micellar water which comes in handy for a double cleanse. You can start off with an oil cleanser to remove all oi; based impurities from your face and finish off with a soothing micellar water as the second step of this beauty routine. You can also check out a step-by-step guide for double cleansing.

4. Pimple prevention

Harsh acne scars, irritation, and pimples tend to show when your pores are clogged with impurities. A micellar water removes even the invisible dirt from your face and leaves your pores clean and unclogged. You can use a micellar water as your daily night time cleanser to make sure that all your pores are squeaky clean and then move on to the rest of your skin care. Once your face is clean and dirt free, your skin gets better at soaking in the rest of your beauty products such as serums. Your active skin agents such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and others will give you faster results if you use them after a micellar water cleanse.

5. Makeup remover

Last, but not the least, micellar water is your trusted makeup remover. After a day of carrying heavy glam on your face, scrubbing off stubborn and waterproof makeup is not the best way to reward your skin. This might lead to inflammation and even skin irritation. An oil based micellar water will take off the heaviest makeup with just a single swipe. The oil will also nourish and soothe your skin after a day full of glam. This way you can ensure that you are going to bed with a clean slate, free from all toxic makeup buildup and residue.

Now that you know how to use micellar cleansing water in many ways, you can keep a bottle handy for every occasion. You can switch between oil infused micellar water, Vitamin C micellar water, and the soothing micellar water for sensitive skin according to your skin care needs. To create a perfect skin care routine for glowing skin, you can also look for serums and moisturisers by Garnier Skin Naturals to seal off your cleansed face. And don’t forget to check out our skincare tips section to elevate your beauty game.