Summer Detox Tips Summer Detox Tips

Summer Detox Tips

The scorching heat has brought with it several skin troubles! Clogged pores, oily skin, sunburns, bouts of acne and more. The list of our skin woes in summer is endless. It is high time to cool down and give your skin a summer detox. So we are here with a simple five step skincare routine and summer detox tips to give you refreshed and glowing skin!

1. Purifying cleanser

Our skin produces excessive oil and sweat during the summer months. This often leaves our pores more exposed to dirt, dust and pollution that gets trapped in it. A great way to give your skin a summer detox would be to use a purifying cleanser. Purifying cleansers are an upgrade from regular cleansers as they deeply detoxify the skin. Their purifying ability is especially useful during summers, as it is highly effective in clearing your pores. It helps control the sebum production of your skin while also keeping acne-causing bacteria at bay. Use a purifying cleanser twice a day for squeaky clean skin.

2. Steam

A summer detox with steam may sound like a nightmare, but trust us it works wonders for your skin. A great summer tip for your skin is to steam it for 10 minutes after cleansing your skin. This will open up your pores and decongest your skin. It will also unclog your pores, which will help your skin breathe better. Steam your skin twice a week for visible effects.

3. Exfoliate

No summer detox routine is complete without a good round of exfoliation. Gently exfoliating your skin helps you get rid of all the build-up on your skin. Exfoliation also removes all the dead skin that has been piling on your skin. You can opt for chemical or physical exfoliation. However, make sure to apply sunscreen after you are done with your summer detox

The removal of dead skin helps your skin breathe better while also making it super soft. If you are getting ready for a big party or event, exfoliate your skin a couple of hours before you do your makeup. This is a great detox tip as it ensures your makeup glides on your skin seamlessly.

4. Use serums for hydration

After your pores have been thoroughly decongested, it is time to replenish your skin. Heavy creams for summer days might lead to sticky skin. And skipping on hydrating the skin is not an option, even during summers. This is why it is best to use a lightweight serum for hydration. You can use also use products enriched with hyaluronic acid or lactic acid. If you want something quick for the hydration step of your summer detox, you can choose a serum sheet mask. Sheet masks are soaked with serums that penetrate deep into your skin and give you visibly brighter and hydrated skin in just 15 minutes!

5. Incorporate Vitamin C

It is important to incorporate detoxifying ingredients in your summer detox skincare routine. Using these detoxifying ingredients daily helps your skin to breathe and stay healthy. Products like green tea sheet masks, kaolin clay facewashes, masks infused with charcoal and salicylic acid and vitamin C are great for the skin. Especially using products with vitamin C for your summer detox helps to flush out the toxins in your skin. Products formulated with vitamin C have high levels of ascorbic acid which deeply detoxify the skin. You can incorporate it in the form of a vitamin C cream, vitamin C serum or vitamin C sheet masks. Just make sure to layer it with sunscreen so your skin is protected from sun damage.

It is important to tweak your routine based on the season as it helps to target seasonal skin concerns. A summer detox routine is sure to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a chilled drink and begin your pamper routine!