Make Your Face Summer Ready With These 10 Tips Make Your Face Summer Ready With These 10 Tips

Make Your Face Summer Ready With These 10 Tips

Summer is almost here, bringing with it not just the warm and sunny days but also the harsh and damaging sun rays. Whether you are planning a picnic in the park or lounging by the pool, it is important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. But summer is also a great time to experiment with bright colours on your lips and eyes. Choose the right kind of makeup for your next brunch so you can play with colours without having your makeup melt off in the heat. Here are some simple skincare and makeup tips for you to enjoy the summer without damaging your skin.

1. Cleanse Your Skin

The heat and humidity can leave you in a puddle of sweat and excess oil by the end of the day. Freshen up your face and cleanse your skin with a brightening facewash to restore your skin’s glow. You can try the Garnier Bright Complete Facewash to get clear skin with an instant boost of freshness. The high concentration of vitamin C in the Bright Complete Facewash brightens the skin, uncovering a radiant and even complexion.

2. Sunscreen Is A Must

Using a sunscreen with a good SPF rating is non-negotiable during summers. Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and an increased risk of sun cancer are just a few ways in which the sun’s rays can damage your skin. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects you from both, the UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

3. Don’t Forget Your Moisturizer

Even if the weather outside is making your skin feel oilier than usual, you have to use a moisturizer to keep your skin looking young and healthy all through summer. If you don’t want to layer a sunscreen with a moisturizer during the day, opt for a night cream that will repair your skin while you sleep at night. The Bright Complete Night Cream by Garnier gently exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens your skin overnight. The lightweight cream absorbs into the skin and gets straight to work so you wake up with visibly nourished and fresh-looking skin in the morning.

4. Exfoliate Once A Week

Exfoliating your skin is an easy way to maintain your skin’s bright and radiant complexion throughout the summer months. Accumulation of dead skin cells, oil, sweat, and impurities can cause your skin to look dull and lacklustre over time. Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub once a week will get rid of all this build-up from your skin and will reveal healthy-looking skin.

5. Use A Sheet Mask

Using a cold, hydrating face mask is one of the best ways to pamper your dry and parched skin with a quick boost of moisture. It not just treats your skin to the rich goodness of a serum but also helps you relax at the end of a long and hot day. We recommend trying the Garnier Hydra Bomb Pomegranate Sheet Mask to restore your skin’s moisture and leave it feeling soft and plump. If you are someone with oily skin, the best sheet mask for you would be the Hydra Bomb Green Tea Serum Sheet Mask that soothes your skin and helps control oiliness in just 15 minutes.

6. Protect Your Lips Too

People often tend to forget about their lips and the hot summer sun can cause your lips to become chapped and dry. Scrub your lips to get rid of all the dead cells and moisturise them with a rich lip balm. Look for lip balms with SPF to protect the delicate skin of your lips from the sun rays.

7. Shield Your Face With The Right Accessories

Have you noticed how you tend to squint your eyes when it is bright and sunny outside? Excessive squinting over a long period of time can form wrinkles on your temples and crow’s feet around your eyes. To prevent this from happening, use sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat or cap to avoid looking directly into the sun.

8. Skip The Foundation

Thick and full-coverage foundations can feel heavy on your skin and the humidity will add an extra layer of sweat and clog your pores. Instead, look for something lightweight that will add a natural-looking coverage to your skin. BB creams and tinted moisturisers can help even out your complexion while still letting your skin breathe.

9. Use A Warm Summer Palette

Save your dark plums and maroons for the fall and winter months. Play with bright corals, pinks, and peaches in the summer. A bold orange lip or a peachy blush on the cheeks flatter all skin tones and will add a fun pop of colour to your makeup look.

10. Stay Hydrated

Drinking at least 8 – 10 glasses of water a day helps maintain the moisture levels in your skin. A well hydrated skin feels soft and looks young. Drinking sufficient water throughout the day also increases the skin’s elasticity and firms your skin. And that’s not all, consuming enough water also flushes out all the toxins from your body. This helps keep your skin clear and free of breakouts and blemishes.

We hope these 10 easy tips help you put your best face forward this summer. Head over to the Garnier blog to get some more ideas on how to protect and nourish your skin in the sweltering heat.