Does oily skin age differently? Does oily skin age differently?

Does oily skin age differently?

If you’re part of the ‘oily skin type gang’, we’re sure you’ve heard of several myths. People with oily skin are always told that they must over-wash their face, use a strong cleanser, not use moisturiser and so on. We’re sure you’ve also heard that if you have oily skin, it’ll age slowly. But is that true? Let’s take a deep dive and understand ageing in oily skin and how it is different from people with dry skin.

Does oily skin age slowly?

While several people believe that ageing in oily skin is slower, it might not be entirely true. Oily skin produces more oil in comparison to other skin types, this gives the appearance of healthy and glowing skin. Research shows that oily skin also produces more melanin and skin rich in melanin is less affected by ageing caused because of sun damage. While these factors may help in anti-ageing for oily skin, there is much more to it.

It is said that oily skin doesn’t develop wrinkles easily because of the production of oil. Contrary to popular belief, the primary cause of wrinkles is not oil, but rather the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. As skin ages, the natural production of collagen and elastin reduces. This results in the skin losing its firmness and leads to the appearance of wrinkles. So the signs of ageing in oily skin may be different as compared to other skin types, but they still appear.

How does oily skin age?

People often think that the ageing of the skin is the appearance of wrinkles. While wrinkles are one of the signs of ageing, there are several other signs of ageing in oily skin. They are:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dullness in skin
  • Thinning of skin
  • Sagging in skin

While your skin type does play a small role in how your skin ages, it is not the only factor. Your lifestyle, stress levels, dietary habits, genetics, skincare habits, and environmental conditions also play a huge role in how your skin ages.

What can be done to ensure anti-ageing for oily skin?

Religiously following a skincare routine tailored to your oily skin can help it stay healthy. You can also incorporate a few steps with products to target anti-ageing for oily skin. Using a gentle cleanser, a lightweight serum, nourishing creams and a day cream enriched with SPF will help kee your skin healthy. As an additional step, you can also incorporate hydrating sheet masks into your routine. To take care of ageing in oily skin you can use a anti-agening cream in the night as well. These creams contain ingredients that boost the elastin of your skin and help keep it firm and tight.

In conclusion, oily skin has its pro and cons. And while it may not develop wrinkles as early as other skin types. It does show other signs of ageing and change the way your skin looks and feels. Start your routine to attain anti-ageing for oily skin today with the range of skincare products from Garnier. Garnier’s skincare range has products that are of superior quality and formulated with the latest technology to help you achieve your skin goals!