Benefits of Charcoal in Skincare Benefits of Charcoal in Skincare

Benefits of Charcoal in Skincare

If you’re a skincare fanatic, we’re sure you’ve heard everyone rave about the charcoal benefits in skincare. Activated charcoal is a magical ingredient that is a boon for your skin. It helps to deeply cleanse your pores and detoxify your skin. Activated charcoal has absorptive properties, which draws out impurities from your skin leaving it feeling fresh. If you haven’t done it already, you must include it in your everyday skincare routine. Let’s learn about the benefits of charcoal in skincare and a few ways in which you can let your skin reap the charcoal benefits.

Benefits of charcoal

Incorporation of charcoal is very popular in grooming and skincare products like scrubs, face washes, toothpastes and masks. These products are enriched with activated charcoal, which benefits your skin in the following ways:

  • Activated charcoal is an absorbent and can absorb toxins from your skin. Which is why, it is commnly used in purifying and detoxfying facewashes and masks.

  • Using products with charcoal can highly benefit acne prone skin. Acne is caused when excess amounts of sebum produced gets trapped in your pores. One of the many charcoal benefits is that it can help you get rid of the sebum trapped in your pores. It also helps you remove acne causing bacteria and leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed.

  • Using a product with charcoal in your skincare routine helps you also get rid of the dead skin cells accumulated on your skin. It gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it feeling glowy and super soft.

Use these products with charcoal to create your best skincare routine:

1.Cleanse your skin

While face cleansing is important to make sure you get rid of all impurities. These impurities trapped in your pores can lead to bouts of acne. Which is why, a cleanser that deeply cleanses your skin is very important. A facewash enriched with activated charcoal is a great product to add to your skincare routine to combat this. A charcoal facewash gets deep into your pores and cleanses your skin thoroughly. It gets rid of all dust, dirt and gunk that is trapped into your skin. This helps leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh.

Men’s skin has larger pores in comparison to women. Due to this, it traps in more dirt and dust. A charcoal facewash comes in handy to get rid of it all and have a cleansed face. One of the best cleansers with activated charcoal is the Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Double Action Face Wash. It brings together the power of black charcoal and icy clay complex to remove all traces of dust, pollution and impurities from your pores. Use this cleanser twice a day, along with a moisturizer and create one of the best skin care routines for your skin.

2. Pamper your skin with a mask

If you are someone who has an oily skin type, charcoal face products specially the charcoal mask are a life saviour for your skin. One of the major charcoal benefits is that it helps to reduce the secretion of oil and mattifies the skin. This way your skin feels super matte and is free of any excess oil. However, charcoal clay masks can be a little too drying to use in your everyday skincare routine. A better solution for people with oily skin is to use a charcoal mask instead. Its double action power helps you get rid of the excess oil and moisturises your face simultaneously. This way your don’t have to invest in a separate moisturiser, since the sheet mask in drenched in serum. The serum in these sheet masks hydrates your face and nourishes it in just 15 minutes. You include a charcoal facemask in your skincare routine 2-3 times a week for visible results.

The Garnier Charcoal mask is a great product as it is enriched with detoxifying charcoal. This helps you deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin and leave you with soft and radiant skin.  The Garnier Men XL Charcoal Mask is crafted specially to easily fit men’s face with ease. The charcoal sheet mask for men cleanses and hydrates the skin, while also unclogging and tightening the pores of their skin.

One ingredient, but so many benefits. Charcoal is truly an excellent ingredient to incorporate in your everyday skincare routine. So what are you waiting for? Let your skin experience the benefits of charcoal with the Garnier range of products.