Benefits of Garnier BB Cream Benefits of BB Cream

BB cream: what are its benefits and why should it be part of your routine?

Have a busy schedule with no time for elaborate skin-care make-up routines? BB Creams were designed for a woman like you. Ideal for Indian women with varied skin types and great to use during all seasons, BB creams are essential for the woman on-the-go. BB creams provide your skin with protection from the sun, thanks to its UV filters, and it covers blemishes and scars with ease, offering you a full, long-lasting medium foundation on which to apply make-up.

That’s not all! BB cream is enriched with Glycerine and Vitamin C that does not just even your skin tone, but hydrates, moisturizes and brightens your complexion at the same time. This smooth, easy-to-blend cream blurs fine lines and wrinkles while reducing dark spots and discoloration. Under-eye circles? Patchiness and redness? They’ll be gone before you know it.

Garnier BB cream contains a variety of different active ingredients. Some of them include:

  • SPF 24 PA++ - for protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays.
  • Vitamin C and Mineral Pigments - for brightening and lightening the skin, reducing your dark spots, and giving you a fairer complexion.
  • Almond Extract – for moisturising and nourishing your skin

Specifically, the Garnier BB Cream protects your skin tone on all levels. It has an 8-hour moisturizing formula that includes vitamin C and mineral pigments to hide imperfections. Its easy-to-blend formula gives you a flawless matt finish without creating a mask-like effect.

Using the Garnier BB Cream is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Splash cold water on your face
  2. Apply a small amount of Garnier BB Cream evenly on your face
  3. Apply lipstick and mascara and you are good to go.

It is that simple!

Hassle-free, easy to use and incredibly light on the face, BB Cream spares you some time if you want to go the extra mile to apply some additional makeup. Garnier BB Cream is bound to be a favorite if you love to travel – a quick, one-product fix to making you look your best while shielding your skin from the harsh elements.

A cream that nourishes your skin with all the essential nutrients while simultaneously accomplishing an even skin tone for a flawless complexion - that is the Garnier BB Cream!