Asian Skincare - 5 Hydration Techniques Asian Skincare - 5 Hydration Techniques

Asian Skincare - 5 Hydration Techniques You Wish You Knew Before

Asian skincare techniques have long proved its efficacy among skincare enthusiasts. From double-cleansing to achieving glass skin, J-beauty and K-beauty trends have time and again given skincare a new direction and have been accepted globally due to their sustainability and long-standing benefits. Behind all this work is a series of secret hydration techniques that Asians truly abide by. Skin hydration is an important aspect of the Asian skincare arena. Restoring the hydration level is considered to be the best way to achieve porcelain skin. Wish to know how beauty waters work wonders in Asian skincare? Read on as we are about to spill some secrets, i.e., hydration techniques so that you can achieve a clear, even-toned complexion in no time.

Asian hydration techniques

Unearth the secrets of flaunting a glass skin with these five hydration techniques popular in Asian skincare:

#Hydration Technique 1: Improve skin hydration with no-rinsing cleanser

You can increase the hydration level in your skin by using a no-rinsing cleanser like micellar cleansing water. Yes, you read it right! Following a double cleansing ritual and using micellar water as the first step can help deliver optimal hydration (for up to 12 hours) to the skin all the while clearing impurities from it. Micellar water works as a gentle cleanser and a makeup remover that pulls out dirt, dust, and makeup from the skin without compromising the skin barrier or affecting water levels of the skin. 

#Hydration Technique 2: Make your own face mist with fermented rice water

While talking about Asian skincare and popular hydration techniques, one can’t help but mention the benefits of fermented rice water. This holy water has been dominating the beauty aisle for centuries. You can also prepare the face mist at home by soaking a handful of rice for one or two hours. Strain the water in a glass jar and keep it at room temperature for one or two days to let it fermenting. Once done, put the container in the refrigerator. Your fermented rice water is prepared! For best results, spritz rice water post-cleansing and exfoliating.

#Hydration Technique 3: Indulge in a facial steaming session

One of the most effective Asian hydration techniques includes a facial steaming session. Steam sessions are an essential part of Korean skincare where the ladies either go for steamy showers and take steam from a steamer. These sessions can help open up the pores, promote circulation, release sebum confined under the skin’s surface, and most importantly help hydrate the skin.

#Hydration Technique 4: Include essence or serum in your skincare

Currently, there are plenty of hydrating products available in the market. Essence and serum are certainly worth mentioning. Essence is a popular entity in the K-beauty world that helps restore hydration to the skin cells. Face serum is another skincare product that helps hydrate the skin and address skin concerns like dark spots, wrinkles, etc. Include vitamin C serum in your Asian skincare routine and see the results for yourself.

#Hydration Technique 5: Boost skin hydration with sheet masks

Sheet masks are one of the most sought-after tools in Asian skincare. These products come loaded with caring ingredients that help boost skin hydration levels in a snap. Go for sheet masks with vitamin C or sheet masks infused with Japanese Sakura for bright, glowing, and hydrated skin. For better results, use them twice or thrice a week.

With this, our list of Asian hydration techniques is now yours. Choose any of these water-boosting methods and pave the way for healthy, bright, hydrated, supple skin. Additionally, browse through the wide range of Garnier skincare products and skincare tips to unlock the secrets of getting translucent skin in no time.