6 Amazing Benefits Of incorporating Sakura 6 Amazing Benefits Of incorporating Sakura

6 Amazing Benefits Of incorporating Sakura In Your Skincare Routine

Cherry blossom, also known as Sakura, is one of Japan's best-kept beauty secrets and is used extensively in a host of beauty and skincare products such as creams, perfumes and more. This sweet aromatic flower is known for its numerous skincare benefits and it’s benefiting properties can work wonders for your skin. The benefits of Sakura have been appreciated by Japanese people for centuries as it is primarily effective in achieving glass skin. Read ahead to know more about the benefits of Sakura and how including it into your skincare routine can help solve various skin problems and enhance your natural beauty.

Benefits of Sakura in skincare

1. Repairs damaged skin

Sakura is rich in essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin and its natural barriers. This in turn promotes smooth and supple skin.

2. Containsskin brightening properties

Cherry blossom controls the overproduction of melanin for a brighter complexion. Melanin is a dark brown/black pigment occurring in the body that is responsible for the tanning of skin exposed to sunlight. Moreover, Sakura also mediates collagen production to help you achieve plump skin.

3. Controls inflammation

This magic ingredient contains anti-inflammatory, soothing and rejuvenating properties that are great for toning down redness and irritation. If you are one with sensitive skin or are simply prone to excessive redness and irritation, incorporating Sakura skincare products into your skincare routine is your ideal go-to guide.

4. Combats signs of ageing

Sakura suppresses the toxins that speed up skin ageing. The boost that Sakura provides in collagen synthesis helps to increase skin elasticity and improves smoothness. Rich in antioxidants, adding this anti-ageing ingredient to your skincare routine also helps to fight sun damage.

5. Aids hyperpigmentation

The extracts of cherry blossom can lighten hyperpigmentation and clarify uneven skin. Its potential to control the overproduction of melanin leads to a less patchy skin appearance.

6. Regenerates the skin

Dead and dull skin can take away the charm from your face. Sakura promotes skin cell growth and combats dead skin cells for a glowing appearance. Getting rid of dead skin cells keeps skin problems at bay and makes you look fresh and plump all time.

Now that you are aware of all the amazing benefits of Sakura, let us tell you how you can incorporate this hero ingredient into your skincare routine. An all-in-one solution and the easiest way to address most of your skin concerns and achieve maximum skin benefits is by using the Garnier Sakura Water Glow Serum Sheet Mask. This face mask for glowing skin is enriched with Japanese Sakura flower extracts and 5X Hyaluron that gives you healthy-looking skin in just 15 minutes! Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, the Sakura sheet mask is best for regenerating dull and lifeless skin with ease.  

Apart from the Sakura face mask, you can explore through a wide range of Garnier face masks such as Hydra Bomb, Pure Charcoal, Ageless White, Fresh Mix, etc., and there’s one for each to address specific skin needs. We recommend that you use the Garnier face mask about three times a week to give your skin the love, care and boost it needs.