5 Trending Skincare Terms 5 Trending Skincare Terms

5 Trending Skincare Terms

Skincare can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. It can be difficult to understand the terminologies and also the need for a specific product. We are here with a collated list of skincare terms that will help you understand the product and its use better. From the basics of face cleansing to the art of layering in skincare, this list has covered it all for you.

• Double Cleansing

We all know the harmful impact sleeping with makeup has on our skin. It is very important to get rid of all the makeup before you go to bed. Doing just one step of face cleansing isn’t enough. The makeup you apply settles into your pores and causes breakouts, if not removed entirely. This is where ‘double cleansing’ comes into play.

As the name suggests, it is simply cleansing your face twice. The first step of face cleaning would be using micellar water. The Garnier Micellar water effectively removes all traces of makeup in one swipe. If you are wearing a light layer of makeup, you can use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. If you are wearing a full face of makeup, the Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water helps to remove the toughest makeup, gently. As a second step, use a facial cleanser to make sure that every trace of makeup, dust and dirt trapped in your pores is removed.

• Sheet mask

This revolutionary skincare product is loved by the masses and for all the right reasons. A sheet mask gives your skin the instant pick me up and glow it needs. Face mask sheets are drenched in serum that delivers potent ingredients to your skin. In just 15 minutes, a sheet mask can make your skin instantly glowy and radiant. The wide range of Garnier Sheet Masks has a face mask sheet for every skin concern and type. You can pick a sheet mask depending on your need. In just a few days, you will witness the brightening effects of a sheet mask.

• Eye mask

If you have puffy eyes that feel dull and dry, this skincare product is perfect for you. An eye mask helps to target your under-eye concerns like dryness, puffiness and fine lines. The eye masks are soaked in a brightening and nourishing serum that help you relax your eyes after hours of screen time. Garnier has two variants of eye masks - Garnier Coconut Water Eye Mask and Garnier Orange Eye Mask.  Applying these eye patches will give your eye contours a cooling sensation while making them look rejuvenated and intensely hydrated.

• Vitamin C

The use of vitamin C products in skincare routines has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Vitamin C is a miracle product for your skin, as it helps with skin brightening, protecting skin cells from free radicals, lightening hyperpigmentation and evening out your skin tone.

The best way to incorporate vitamin C into your skincare routine is by using a vitamin C serum. A face serum is formulated to target specific skin concerns and is potent in nature. The smaller molecules and higher concentrations of actives give your skin the boost it needs. The Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum is a magic potion for your skin. This Garnier Serum is enriched with the goodness of vitamin c that helps you fight your skin concerns, leaving you with glowing skin.

• Layering your skincare

This skincare practice has been gaining a lot of attention recently. It is when you apply multiple skincare products on your skin to reap maximum benefits. Layering your skincare helps every layer of your skin to stay hydrated and nourished.

After using a cleanser, the next step would be to use a serum. A skin brightening serum has a water-like texture that penetrates deep into your skin. The third step would be to use a sheet mask, this step will hydrate and replenish your skin. Top this up with an eye cream, moisturiser, and SPF. The rule of the thumb while layering your skincare products is to start with the product that is the thinnest in texture. This helps products seep into your skin better.