3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winters 3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winters

3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Winters

The calendar and the weather hint that winter is here. So, the time has come to reshuffle our wardrobes as well as vanity. Wait! These are all external things and products that you wear or apply, what about the things you do and eat? Assessing both external application and internal consumption during winter is essential to ensure the skin receives optimal winter hydration. As the temperatures drop during cold weather, the humidity decreases too, making the skin dry. However, you can easily alleviate this issue by following the three ways mentioned below, read on!

3 ways to get winter hydration for skin

1. Drink lots of water

What can be the best way to increase skin hydration during winter than drinking water? As you know staying dehydrated is one of the causes of dry skin in winter then you must drink a lot of water during winter and throughout the year. Water is essential to keep your body hydrated from within and it helps skin maintain moisture and keep fine lines at bay. So, don’t fret about the chilly wave that your teeth and gums can experience from drinking water, and make sure you have 8-9 glasses of water every day.    

2. Avoid too much hot water

Hot showers indeed make the winter months bearable and relaxing however, using too much hot water or spending excessive time in hot showers can make your skin dry and parched. Not only does the skin gets affected, but moisture is also stripped away from hair as well. As the best practice, use lukewarm water and make your winter bathing time more soothing. Do not forget to apply intense moisturizing lotion and cream on your damp skin.

3. Add vitamin C to your diet

Looking for effective ways to increase skin hydration in cold months? Include vitamin C in your diet which would help you to elevate the hydration level in the skin and combat issues of dry skin. Apart from this, you can get numerous benefit from vitamin C as it proactively shields skin from sun damage, boots collagen in the skin, and reduce age-related skin concerns such as wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. So, increase the intake of vitamin C and seal more water in the skin!

Now that you know the ways to get winter hydration, you can easily ensure it for you. Alongside, you can follow an intense hydrating skincare routine during winter to increase the hydration level in the skin.

Hydrating Winter Skincare Routine

• Cold Cream

Add a nourishing cold cream to your winter skincare routine and lock in the moisture in your skin. Look for ingredients such as honey, shea butter, and vitamin E that can help turn dry skin into a nourished and glowing one.

• Sunscreen

Using a moisturizing sunscreen can help you retain moisture during winter as well as protect it from sun damage. Go for a sun-control moisturizer and apply it twice a day on cleansed face.

• Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the ideal product to maintain winter hydration for the skin. You can use a hyaluron-infused night mask for face as hyaluron is known for its super hydrating power. Additionally, you can experience the hydrating effect of vitamin C sheet mask, green tea sheet masks, masks, etc.

• Overnight Cream

You cannot leave your skin unattended during winter nights. Hence, opt for a vitamin C- infused night cream that would nourish your skin during the night and get you fresh-looking skin in the morning.

Pro tip: Invest in Humidifier

Invest in a good humidifier and place it in your bedroom to increase the humidity or moisture of the atmosphere. This type of electronic appliance helps dry skin retain the required moisture.

End your search for winter skincare tips and rely on hydrating skincare products to get supple plump skin this winter. To make sure, your skin gets intense winter hydration, browse through the vast collection of Garnier skincare products and reenergize your dry and dull skin.