Effects of Pollution On Skin and How To Combat Them

With pollution levels worsening daily, the air outside can take a massive toll on the skin and become one of its worst enemies. Pollution can lead to dullness, dehydration, clogged pores, inflammation, ageing skin, loss of elasticity, and more, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. Things can be especially difficult for men who they don’t have a proper skincare regimen in place that can help them tackle the adverse effects of pollution on the skin. In case you’re one of them, here’s a quick guide on skin diseases caused by air pollution and some effective ways to deal with air pollution's effects on the skin.

Effects Of Pollution On Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and plays a huge role in protecting it from external agents. However, air pollutants are so small that they can enter the skin and disrupt its natural barrier causing acne, clogged pores, fine lines, dull skin, pigmentation, inflammation, increased sensitivity, and poor texture. Pollution can also cause changes in the functioning of lipids, which can further lead to conditions like dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and skin cancer. Other effects of pollution are that it leads to free-radical damage that makes the skin look unhealthy. Fortunately, the good news is that certain measures can help you prevent skin diseases caused by air pollution. Read ahead to know more about how to deal with the effects of pollution on the skin with ease.

3-Step Routine For Men To Combat Effects of Pollution on Skin

• Step 1: Cleanse effectively

Remove all traces of pollution, dust, dirt, grime, and impurities from deep within the skin by using an anti-pollution face wash or a brightening face wash for men. This is a great choice for people with an active lifestyle as it works from deep within the skin’s surface to reveal clear, fresh-looking skin instantly. For best results, we recommend using this face wash twice a day.

• Step 2: Brighten the skin

Unveil glowing skin on the go by using the vitamin C serum gel. Powered by 5X vitamin C and menthol, the serum gel provides the ultimate glow and hydration to the skin on the go. It is super lightweight and also helps to reduce dark spots, leaving your skin feeling bright and healthy.

• Step 3: Moisturise well

Defend the effects of pollution and nourish the skin by using a brightening moisturiser. This anti-pollution moisturiser helps to restore skin health by fighting dust and other harmful environmental aggressors. It benefits the skin by reducing dark spots, correcting uneven skin tone, and protecting it from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Additionally, it also helps the skin to maintain its natural moisture barrier by making it feel hydrated and supple all the time. And that’s it, you’re all set!

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and browse through our wide range of Garnier men’s products and add cleansers, moisturisers, anti-acne products and more in your routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing all the time. Apart from this, you can also explore a wide range of Garnier skincare products for women to help the women in your life keep the effects of pollution at bay!