Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

In case you didn’t notice, Valentine’s Day is almost here. Not in the mood for flowers, chocolates, cheesy cards and unable to make up your mind on what gifts to pick for your man? We’re here to help you. This is the time when your loved one needs to feel that affection, comfort, care and love more than ever, and what better month to shower the one you adore than the month of love? There's nothing like some self-care and wellness and so, nourishing skincare and hair care products are one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him as a little pampering always goes a long way. We have listed down some amazing gift ideas for men that are thoughtful, and unconventional, without being too heavy on your pockets.

1. Face wash

Getting rid of dust, dirt, and oil from the skin by washing one’s face twice a day is very important. Show some love to your man by gifting him a gentle yet effective face wash that will help refresh, revive, and remove impurities from the skin, which will help keep skin problems at bay. If your guy has oily skin, go for a face wash for oily skin that will trap the oil while preserving the skin’s natural moisture. Looking for something to fight signs of ageing and get rid of pimples? You can buy him an anti-pimple facewash. Gifting him a facewash will help your better half have a perfectly clean, radiant, and younger-looking face all the time.

2. Moisturiser

We can’t stress enough on the importance of a moisturiser, and you probably know its benefits. Get your man a personalised gift of love by giving him a brightening moisturiser. This will help him achieve happy, healthy, nourished, supple, and plump skin by preventing uneven skin tone, dark spots, acne spots and cell damage, while also protecting the skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

3. Pimple clearing gel

We are sure that your man works very hard and spends a lot of time outdoors. But this can also cause his skin to become and feel dull and dry. To reveal smoother and clearer looking skin that boosts your guy’s confidence, get him a pimple clearing pen. The gel formula of the pen soothes redness and fights pimple-causing bacteria, thereby drying out and reducing the size of pimples in a matter of hours.

4. Facemask

Pamper your man with the warmth of a face mask. A sheet mask is one of the best gifts for men as it helps trap moisture and hydrate the skin, making it look glowing and healthy. Using a mask also allows the ingredients to penetrate better into the skin in a short amount of time and helps achieve maximum benefits. Go for the charcoal mask that will purify and brighten the skin while also removing dullness, unclogging, and tightening pores.

5. Hair colour

If your soul mate is not too big on flaunting the salt and pepper, or wants to experiment with his existing hair colour, here’s a perfect gift idea for him – a Shampoo Colour. This shampoo-based hair colour is long-lasting, as easy to use as a shampoo and gets the colouring job done in minutes. Allow him to flaunt his hair that looks natural by selecting his favourite hair colour from shades such as black brown, burgundy and natural black. Not sure which hair colour shade will suit him the best? Upload of picture of your man on the Garnier Virtual Try-On tool and select the perfect shade virtually, from the comfort of your home, without having to spend a penny.

Browse through a wide range of Garnier men skincare and haircare products to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him and pamper your partner with the love and care he needs this February 14. And to make the day more special, you can also plan a rejuvenating skincare date using the products mentioned above.